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Hang Gon commune uphold the title of constructing new countryside Update 26-06-2020 08:22
Despite being a mountainous commune that is under extremely difficult living conditions where many ethnic minority groups are settling, after more than 10 years of having implemented the national target program of building a new countryside, Hang Gon commune in Long Khanh city has made great progress and completed the construction of the new countryside since 2013 and up to now it has been recognized to complete the province’s set of new rural construction criteria.

The leadership of the commune’s People’s Committee asserted that the leverage to make success in the commune’s new rural construction comes from its focus on fully implementing the principle of publicizing and promoting people’s ownership rights; promoting the dissemination of propaganda information and improving the awareness of officials and people of the emulation contents of new rural construction, thereby promoting the strength, positive response, and agreement about the guidelines and policies that are put into use; ensuring the effective implementation of grassroots democracy regulations; publicizing all the contents related to the construction of new countryside; selecting constructions and forms of organization and construction; and so on. Also, surveys have been conducted to collect people’s opinions to agree upon implementation plans and the mechanism of supporting policies and levels of mobilizing people to contribute and resources donated by people are clearly and transparently announced to each hamlet and each quarter to build trust and create excitement in people. Especially, in the implementation of traffic criteria, the commune will guidelines and levels of support and offered technical guidance, the hamlets and then hamlets and neighborhoods will convene their own meetings to agree upon site clearance plans and suggest appropriate contribution levels based on actual situation so that people directly build and supervise the quality of constructions.


People in Hang Gon commune join in fun activities and cultural activities


In addition, in production and economic development Hang Gon regularly updates and disseminates advanced models and examples, applies science and technology, create conditions to ultimately support resources for poor households with difficult living conditions to increase income and escape poverty in a sustainable manner. Developing production activities must be associated with restructuring agriculture, and increasing the commune’s people’s income


After more than 10 years of having implemented the national target program on building a new countryside, the rural face of Hang Gon commune has changed; locals’ materialistic and spiritual life has been increasingly improved; social security policies are guaranteed; and security and order are stabilized. Up to now, people’s life quality, culture, and spirit have really increased and have been improved much higher than when they started to implement the new countryside construction program. The commune’s average income per capita has reached VND61.7 million/person/year twice as much as 2013 with VND32 million; the rate of poor households has decreased to 0.068%; and there are no poor ethnic minority household. In addition, other indicators have reached high levels such as the rate of people participating in health insurance reached 95.8%. The commune has mobilized locals to build 10 roads with a total length of more than 4.5 km with a total budget of nearly VND6 billion; had more than 4 km maintained and repaired at a cost of over VND1 billion; had 46 alleys with a length of nearly 12 km concreted with people’s contributions reaching nearly VND2.4 billion and more than 2,000 workdays; and brought electricity to 100% of households.


Also, people contributed VND859.5 million to build public lighting systems, green-clean-beautiful roads, and so on.


Duy Minh (Thanh Ngoc)


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