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Strengthening the activities to basically change the province’s education and training Update 17-02-2020 04:27
In order to raise people’s awareness and focus on leadership and direction to overcome the shortcomings and weaknesses in the past years, create a considerable change in the province’s education and training in the coming time; and simultaneously continue to substantially renovate, and expand the scope and improve education – training and vocational education in a comprehensive, synchronous and effective manner at all educational and training levels to meet requirements for the industrialization and modernization in the context of a socialist-oriented market economy and international integration, the provincial People’s Committee has issued a plan to implement Plan no. 289 of the Standing Committee at the provincial Party Committee.

Tet holidays gifts were offered to children


The contents of the provincial People’s Committee's plan include strengthening the leadership, direction, coordination, and management of all levels of authorities and sectors in the fundamental and comprehensive renovation of the education and training sector; promoting the education about revolutionary ideality; focusing on the education about personality, morality, lifestyle, legal knowledge and civic awareness for pupils, students and trainees; improving the training of human resources, consolidating and improving educational universalization, eradicating illiteracy and classifying students after secondary school, and continuing to improve the national education system towards openness and construction of a learning society; increasing the quality of teachers and education administrators, ensuring basic conditions for effective implementation of the general education curriculum and new textbooks; continuing to renovate the managerial work, stepping up the inspection, supervision, prevention and strict settlement of the negative problems in the activities of the education and training sector; promoting and improving the quality and efficiency of scientific research and technology transfer in educational and training facilities.


The students of the Mechanical and Irrigation Vocational College in their practice time


The provincial People’s Committee asked all levels of government, departments, sectors, organizations, unions, officials, civil servants, and people to be fully aware of and fully implement the viewpoints and policies for basic and comprehensive innovation of the education and training sector; strengthen solutions for the effective implementation of programs, plans, and projects related to education – training and vocational education; and improve and innovate towards standardization and modernization of quality assurance conditions to bring Dong Nai province’s education and training up to a regional and international level.


Duy Minh (Thanh Ngoc)


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