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Nearly 12,500 pigs destroyed because of African swine fever Update 12-08-2019 04:29
According to Dong Nai Department of Livestock and Veterinary Medicine, on June 12 4 districts in Dong Nai province like Trang Bom, Nhon Trach, Vinh Cuu and Long Thanh had their pigs infected with African swine fever and the total number of affected areas were 20 hamlets in 14 communes and 67 households.

In particular, Binh Loi commune in Vinh Cuu district is the latest locality where pigs have been infected with African swine fever and the total number of destroyed pigs in Dong Nai province on June 12 was nearly 12,500.


It is known that Dong Nai has been implementing a lot of measures to prevent and control African swine fever. However, the difficulties and obstacles in the current epidemic prevention are that the regulations of the level of compensation for infected pigs are equal to or even higher than market prices, resulting in the fact that livestock households are neglecting to fight against the epidemic due to the fact that sick pigs have been taken care of by the State.


On the other hand, levels of authorities and functional agencies are difficult to detect and strictly handle the consumption of dead pigs among localities including the pigs transported from affected areas. At the same time, destroying and burying dead pigs are still faced up with a lot of difficulties as there are a large number of infected pigs.


According to Vice Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee Vo Van Chanh, Dong Nai has reissued a new level of compensation for pigs infected with African swine fever, which is about 30% lower than the initial level.


Also, Dong Nai asked police forces to concentrate on investigating and aggressively handling the violations in transporting, trading and slaughtering dead and sick pigs. In addition, it is essential to direct localities to strengthen and control the pigs coming in and out, especially those in epidemic areas, especially to control and prevention the fact that breeding facilities are continuing to use leftovers, which is the leading issue causing a widespread of African swine fever.


Duy Minh (T. Lien)


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