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The outbreaks of dengue fever on the increase Update 07-08-2019 04:40
Only in the first week of this July, more than 500 dengue fever cases were recorded in Dong Nai province.

Particularly, nearly 300 cases were children under 15 years, rising by 79% over the previous week with a 3.14 fold over the same period. The locality with the highest number of dengue fever is Bien Hoa city, followed by Long Thanh and Trang Bom districts.


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The hot weather combined with heavy rain in the south is currently a favorable condition for mosquitoes to develop and spread a lot of diseases in humans, especially dengue fever.


According to Thong Nhat district’s Medical Center, up to now there have been 178 cases of dengue fever in the district, up by 120 cases compared to the same period 2018. Recorded figures indicated that Lo 25 is a commune with 39 cases of dengue fever, the highest number in the district. On the one hand, the number of dengue fever cases is mostly concentrated in this place due to the fact that the awareness of some households is still poor and they are still subjective to the prevention and control of the disease, and that the living environment has not been cleaned up and water containers are not cleaned regularly. On the other hand, due to this year’s changeable weather is also a condition for mosquitoes to give birth and develop and it is more likely that dengue fever outbreaks go up strongly due to its circle.


According to Trang Bom district People’s Committee’s report, since early this year dengue fever has developed complicatedly. On June 30, the district had nearly 570 cases of dengue fever, with a 4.4 fold over the same period 2018. The communes with a high number of cases were Dong Hoa commune, Song Trau commune and Trang township, and so on. This increase is mainly due to environmental pollution and changeable weather, which results in the strong growth of disease-transmitting mosquitoes and due to some people’s poor awareness of how to prevent the disease.


To deal with the spread of the epidemic, Dong Nai Center for Disease Control has conducted its vector surveillance and disease transmission insects in localities. Also, it has sprayed mosquito-killing chemicals and conducted an investigation of sick cases to detect and deal with outbreaks. Specifically, since early this year more than 1,000 places of mosquito larvae have been detected, rising by 216% compared to the same period last year, and the rate of settled outbreaks has reached 97%. This shows that the settlement of this infectious disease in Dong Nai has been implemented effectively and timely. However, the active prevention and control of dengue fever has not achieved desired effects due to the fact that many people have not stilly paid much enough attention to the methods of preventing dengue fever, that mosquito repellent chemicals have been sprayed but effects are poor, and that boarding houses have developed spontaneously plus with poor environmental clean-up and waste disposal, and so on.


In Thong Nhat district, the first priority is to continue to promote propaganda activities and give people warnings of the negative effects caused by dengue fever; launch a campaign to kill mosquito larvae, spray antiseptics, supervise and control outbreaks to stop the ongoing spread of dengue fever. Also, it is necessary to mobilize people to clean up, drain sewers and ditches, clear up bushes, remove unused water containers to eliminate mosquito larvae in residential areas, and so on.


It is known that dengue fever usually progresses through such stages as high fever, headache, hemorrhage, and so on and these symptoms usually appear in the first three days and are the normal signals of the disease. As from the 4th day onwards, it is the most dangerous period that can cause many complications such as shock, cerebral hemorrhage, and internal hemorrhage and so on and then cause deaths.


Doctors recommend that if such signs of dengue fever as continuous high fever, hemorrhage with tiny red spots on children’s skin, they must be rushed to medical facilities for timely examination and treatment.


Duy Minh (T. Lien)


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