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A blackboard integrated with a lot of features invented Update 07-08-2019 04:06
Along with the development of science and technology, applying modern technology in the educational process is an inevitable trend. In addition to the appearance of electronic lesson plans in classrooms, such new teaching technologies and devices as smart electronic boards, interactive screens, electronic textbooks, and so on have been used.

However, the prices of these devices are quite high. To deal with this issue, Mr. Ngo Quoc Toan, a teacher of Phu Huu primary school in Phu Huu commune, Nhon Trach district, came up with the idea of ​​adding some tools that can help teachers to teach more effectively to blackboards.


Mr. Toan is introducing the blackboard that he designs


Toan said, to help teachers to teach more conveniently and easily, the blackboard is designed to integrate a number of tools that can assist teachers to draw complicated pictures as well as teaching aid microphones and blue tooth speakers to help teachers explain their lessons. Also, the board can automatically wipe itself and gather chalk dust.


The board has 3 functions: the first smart one is to clean up itself automatically with a device that can recognize which part of the board needs cleaning and automatically clean it up via pre-programmed sensors; the second one is to collect chalk dust and prevent it from being dispersed into the surrounding environment and affecting teachers and students’ health; and the third one is a device that can paint and draw any pictures, charts, graphs and so on with chalk or with marking pens to assist teachers with their teaching.


In addition, the board has a built-in blue tooth speaker, a teaching assistance microphone, and a LED clock that shows the time, date, temperature, humidity in classrooms.


In particular, the application of 3-axis moving mechanism of CNC machine into a large space like a blackboard makes it convenient to replace marking pens and cleaning parts to help the board to gather dust easily.


Toan said, the board is simply designed, made, and implemented with easy-to-find materials and has a high level of aesthetics, but it does not consume much time, which helps to enhance creativeness. At present, the model is being widely used and applied in the teaching activities at schools.


This solution won the second runner-up prize at Dong Nai Science and Technology Innovation Contest 2018.


Duy Minh (T. Lien)


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