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Chile Promises a Potential Export Market Updated03-08-2014 03:27
On August 1 the Department of Industry and Trade held a seminar entitled “FTA between Vietnam and Chile and chances for enterprises to boost their exports.” The seminar was attended by Chilean Deputy Ambassador to Vietnam Alvaro Guzman, Head of Department of America under the Department of Industry and Trade and representatives of export businesses operating in various fields.


Seminar on FTA with Chile

Since January 1, 2014 as Vietnam – Chile Free Trade Agreement took effect many exports to Chile will have tax rate of zero percent. It a great chance for Vietnam’s exporters in general and Dong Nai’s in particular. Major commodities exported to Chile currently are footwear, garments and textiles, and rice. The issues that many businesses are interested in are requirements of exporting rice to Chile and types of commodities the country has great demand in the coming time.

L.H (N. Thuong)

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