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The 2nd Congress of Dong Nai Ethnic Minorities to take place in December 2014 Updated19-06-2014 02:33
On the Morning of June 19, Vice Chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee (PPC) Nguyen Thanh Tri chaired the meeting with the Steering Committee for the 2nd Congress of Dong Nai Ethnic Minorities to agree on the congress’s agenda.
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Nguyen Thanh Tri – PPC Vice Chairman, Head of the Steering Committee for the 2nd Congress of Dong Nai Ethnic Minorities, chaired the meeting

At the meeting, each of the 18 members of the Steering Committee was assigned specific tasks; the congress was agreed on to be organized at two levels: district level and provincial level. While the district level congress is scheduled to take place in the coming October and November in Dinh Quan, where more than 50 thousand people of ethnic minorities are living the provincial level one is scheduled to take place around mid December 2014.

In his speech to conclude the meeting, PPC Vice Chairman Nguyen Thanh Tri required that the congress be organized in an interesting, economical and safe way, to make it really a festival of ethnic minorities in the province. He stressed that, it was important to promote communications from then on the purposes and the significance of the congress among the ethnic minorities. Also, he asked the local authorities to conduct a review on those people that had contribution to the community of ethnic minorities in order to honor and award them at the congress.

Thanh Van (L.Huong)

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