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More than 600 Businesses Attended the Talk over the Tax Policy in 2014 Updated13-06-2014 07:42
June 12, the Tax Department of Dong Nai collaborated with Vaco Auditing Company Limited in holding a talk on the tax policy in 2014 and a question and answer session for the corporate tax related problems, attracting the participation of more than 600 enterprises.

During the talk, the representative of the Tax Policy Department at the Ministry of Finance provided the enterprises with a briefing of the new details and essential changes to the tax regulations, especially to corporate income tax, contractor tax, agreement on avoidance of double taxation (Circular no. 203/2013/TT-BTC), and guidelines on the application of the pre-agreed method of determining the taxable price (APA) in tax administration (Circular no. 201/2013/TT -BTC).

Also, the Tax Policy Department representative spent much time on sharing the difficulties during the implementation of the tax policy in enterprises, especially in the FDI enterprises in the areas that attract their interest such as priority, corporate tax exemption and reduction; the tax policies on land, and import and export; and the issues related to invoices.

Duy Minh (Phuong Linh)

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