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The Steering Committee for Cashew Sustainable Development Introduced Updated12-06-2014 02:51
On June 12 at Dong Nai took place the meeting to work out solutions for the development of cashew production and introduce the Steering Committee for Cashew Sustainable Development (SCCSD). The meeting, co-organized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) and the Provincial People's Committee (PPC), was attended by MARD Vice Minister Le Quoc Doanh; PPC Vice Chairman Vo Van Chanh; leaders of MARD’s agencies; representatives of departments of agriculture and rural development in the southern region; scientists from Institutes and schools; cashew manufacturing and processing enterprises under the Vietnam Cashew Association; and excellent cashew growers from provinces.

The SCCSD introduced themselves at the meeting

As reported by MARD, Vietnam, since 2006, has emerged as the world largest cashew nut exporter. However, the cashew area in the country has decreased continuously with 313 149 hectares in 2013, and a yield of 285 935 tones. In particular, the areas with the biggest decline are the Southeast region (88 399 hectares), followed by the South Central Coast (16 908 hectares) and the Central Highlands (14 111 hectares).

The reason is that the economic efficiency of this plant is very low compared to other crops; some of the cashew growing area has climate and land that are unsuitable to the plant; some of the area in a number of provinces have been converted to land for non-agricultural purposes to develop industrial parks, tourism and service; and there is not a link between the 4 factors in agriculture, the state - the scientists – the investors and the farmers, which has made farmers have to bear all risks etc


The cashew growing area is on the decrease due to the plant’s low economic efficiency

For the cashew trees to be developed in a sustainable way in the future, participants at the meeting together discussed, analyzed, evaluated and offered solutions to develop a stable, sustainable cashew groing area, with focus given on major solutions such as establishing key growing areas; doing scientific research and transfer of scientific and technical advances to farmers, especially in the field of development of new varieties; reorganizing the production in order to form links for a large-scale production; replanting and renovating cashew orchards, for example, planting cashew trees it areas with suitable ecological conditions; develop mechanisms and policies which support farmers in terms of capital, seeds, science and technology etc

At the meeting, MARD announced its decision to establish the Steering Committee for Cashew Sustainable Development whose head is MARD Vice Minister Le Quoc Doanh.

Thanh Van (Thanh Canh)

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