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Mushroom’s Price Decreases Updated12-06-2014 10:39
According to Nguyen Quang Hoe, Director of Long Khanh Cooperative for Agriculture, Handicraft and Service, which produces various kinds of fungi, especially wood ear, mushrooms growers are starting on a new season. His Cooperative, he said, produces about between 12-15 thousand bags of growing mushrooms. However, their price has decreased by 5 percent compared to the season in late 2013.

Besides, the price of dried wood ear mushrooms at farms is now only 70-72 thousand dong per kilogram, 10 thousand dong per kilogram lower than the same period last year. Because the price is uncertain, a large number of mushroom farmers do not invest in expanding their production. Although the Cooperative has made its efforts to search for consumption markets, 90 percent of its mushrooms are being distributed via traders so it is still suffering from price squeeze.

 Thanh Van (Thanh Minh)

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