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Bien Hoa will Have a Large Urban-Service-Commercial Area Updated12-06-2014 10:34
On June 10, Vice Chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee (PPC) Tran Minh Phuc chaired a meeting on the acceleration of the working progress of the “Transformation of Bien Hoa 1 Industrial Zone into the Urban-Service-Commercial Area” project.

According to the Industrial Park Development Corporation, which is responsible for the project, the ​​324-hectare Bien Hoa 1 Industrial Zone includes industrial land, green land and infrastructure land. According to the approved plan, the land use structure after the transformation will include residential land, commercial land in combination with residential land, urban service land, infrastructure land, green land combined with travel services and green land only.


PPC Vice Chairman Tran Minh Phuc chaired the meeting

The transformation roadmap is divided into 3 phases: the Phase 1 (2014-2016), for working out a detailed planning and constructing the southwestern area along with a part of the northeast area, approximately 56.26 hectares or 17 percent of the total area; the Phase 2 (2017-2019), for constructing the western area along Cai River, the downtown area and the northeast area, about ​​154.89 hectares or over 48 percent of the total area and at the same time relocating some projects to other industrial parks of the province; the Phase 3 (2020-2022) for constructing the remaining areas within the Bien Hoa 1 Industrial Zone, around 112.92 hectares or 35 percent of the total area.

The transformation of Bien Hoa 1 Industrial Zone into an Urban-Service-Commercial area aims to help Bien Hoa have a civilized and modern urban-service-commercial area, creating an economic attraction in the area. The estimated total investment for the whole project is VND 11 trillion. Those enterprises that relocate to other places will receive compensation, support and incentives.

At the meeting, the PPC Vice Chairman stressed that, the project responsible unit should consider renaming the project to suit the priority - environmental pollution reduction - that is aimed in the project. He requested the unit to work with relevant departments to review the project scope, to make sure that the project will be finished on time. Also, he required the unit to work out a scheme for land use fee reduction or exemption for enterprises in accordance with the written proposal submitted to the Ministry of Finance. He noted that it was essential to give special attention to new policies under the new Land Law and specify all the business incentive and support policies.

Thanh Van (Thanh Minh)​ 

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