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Food Prices on the Rise Updated10-06-2014 04:30
The prices of many fresh food items have been rising for over a month. Particularly, pork prices have shown the biggest increase by VND5,000 to VND10,000 per kg.

Specifically, pork side, pork butt, pork rib, and lean pork are sold at VND80,000/kg, VND85,000/kg, VND110/kg, and VND100/kg. Also, heavy rains have caused the prices of some vegetables to dramatically rise. Price surveys at the markets in Bien Hoa city have showed that malabar spinach, mustard greens, green, spong gourd, and bottle gourd are sold at VND25,000/kg, VND15,000/kg, VND15,000/kg, VND20,000/kg, VND15,000/kg, and so on.

Explaining the rise in prices, many small traders said that rains caused much damage to vegetables and that some types of gourds lost their flowers, which created a shortage of vegetables on the market. Besides, pork prices are sharply increasing, which causes pork retail prices to rise.

Duy Minh (P. L)

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