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Department of Natural Resources and Environment of Dong Nai: Administrative Reform is the Most Important Task Updated22-05-2014 04:08
According to Le Viet Hung, Director of Dong Nai Department of Natural Resources and Environment (DONRE), in 2014, administrative reform (AR) is defined as the most important task of the sector and an AR year campaign has been launched across the sector.


Le Viet Hung, DONRE Director, is talking about the administrative reform in his department

As reported by DONRE, in 2013, the whole sector succeeded in carrying out seven important contents in the administrative reform. They were: giving advise to the Provincial People’s Committee to issue six legal documents; announcing 12 documents that had expired in the field of environment and natural resources; working out 70 internal administrative procedures; receiving and resolving administrative procedures using the one-stop-shop mechanism, which helped resolved 70 thousand dossiers out of more than 77 thousand ones on time and ahead of schedule. During the year, the Department also adjusted its function to suit the current conditions. In addition, it focused on training its staff, by, for example, sending its 34 employees to attend training courses. Specifically, the Department boosted the modernization of administrative procedures, such as online filing and computer network between the department and its subordinate units, and online announcement of documents.

With the efforts made in the field of administrative reform, DONRE has been rated as one of the 10 departments in the province that are pretty good in the administrative reform .

However, Le Viet Hung claimed that, besides those achievements, a number of shortcomings still existed such as a large number of dossiers (more than 7 thousand ones) failed to be resolved on time and the training of the staff failed meet requirements. The causes, Hung believed, were the great number of administrative procedures (72 ones at the department and more than 30 ones at district level), overloaded and always complicated land transactions, especially those transactions of land related to religion, which requires conclusions from many sectors to be able to solved and in turn requires so much time. "Meanwhile, the written directions given by the Provincial People’s Committee to the sector are also numerous, about over 27 thousand documents" added Hung.

Reportedly, in 2014, DONRE has identified administrative reform as the most important task of the sector, to be able to reach its goals such as: 95 percent of dossiers are settled on time with the focus on online settlement; the program to issue legal documents in 2014 is completed and put into use; administrative procedures are reviewed, adjusted and supplemented towards shorter settlement period; inspection and the "hotline" are boosted to better the settlement of administrative procedures, and in turn meet the needs of residents and businesses.

Hung also stated that, because the workload of the sector was so huge, for example, in 2013 alone, the Department had received over 20 thousand documents and had released more than 11 thousand documents, so it suggested to be allowed by the Provincial People’s Committee using part of the funding to recruit more people to do the job more quickly and more efficiently.

Thanh Van (T.Lien)​

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