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The Results of Administrative Reform Announced Updated22-05-2014 08:55
On the Afternoon of May 21, Dong Nai Provincial People’s Committee (PPC) organized a meeting to announce the results of assessment and classification of the administrative reform (AR) in departments, state-run agencies and local authorities in 2013. PPC Vice Chairman Tran Van Vinh chaired the meeting.


Photo taken at the meeting

According to the evaluation results, for 20 departments and state-run agencies of the province, 9 are rated good at AR, including Office of the Provincial People's Committee, Industrial Zone Authority, Department of Trade and Industry, Department of Foreign Affairs, Department of Internal Affairs, Department of Finance, Department of Construction, Department of Agriculture and Rural Development and Department of Planning and Investment; 10 are rated fairly good, including: the Provincial Inspectors, the Nationality Board,  Department of Transport, Department of Education and Training, Department of Information and Communications, Department of Science and Technology, Department of Natural Resources and Environment, Department of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs, Department of Health, and Department of Justice. Especially, the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism are rated satisfactory and no units are rated weak.

For district-level units, 3 units are rated good, including Nhon Trach, Xuan Loc and Bom; 6 units are graded fairly good, including Bien Hoa City, Long Khanh Town, Long Thanh District, Thong Nhat District, Dinh Quan District and Cam My District; 2 units are rated average, including Vinh Cuu District and Tan Phu District. For communal units, 49/171 communes are rated very good; 47 communes good; 68 communal pretty good and 7 communes satisfactory.

The strength in AR of departments, units and local authorities ais the OSS model. Many of the units have developed innovative models and initiatives in AR.

According to the Department of the Internal Affairs, the AR index of the 3 levels of administration are shown by seven indicators, including: direction and regulation; development and promulgation of legal documents; reform of administrative procedures; reform of the organization; improvement of the quality of personnel; public finance reform; and administrative modernization. The determination of this index aims to have a tool to assess and classify the performance of AR in departments and People's Committees at district and communal levels.

The meeting determined that, the AR in 2014 should be considered as a regular task of state-run agencies and units.

In his speech at the meeting, the PPC Vice Chairman Tran Van Vinh stressed that, the province had announced the results of AR for the first time. Among 7 AR index, he said, there were 3 index that many units had failed to meet so they need to make more efforts to do better, i.e  direction and regulation, development and promulgation of legal documents, and improvement of the quality of the personnel. He also noted that, during the evaluation of the index satisfaction, it was essential to pay attention to the departments and local authorities with a huge workload to make the assessment become fairer.

Thanh Van (L.Huong)​

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