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Trang Bom is concerned about how to preserve food safety and hygiene Update 02-12-2019 12:20
In order to improve the state management of food hygiene and safety as well as to minimize food poisoning cases, Trang Bom district always pays attention to preserving food safety and hygiene.

A food facility in Trang Bom district is being inspected


The report by Trang Bom district’s Health Division said, in 2018 it received 899 applications for registering for and granting food hygiene and safety certificates. Particularly, 116 facilities were eligible to be granted with certificates, and 551 facilities signed commitment. Districts and communes organized inspections at more than 2,500 facilities of food processing and catering services and detected 364 violations. The inspection delegation left reminders and sanctioned 5 facilities. In recent years, as the standing body of the Steering Committee of the district’s Food Hygiene and Safety Program, the Health Division has widely promoted the dissemination of propaganda activities concerning knowledge and legislation on food safety to production facilities, businesses and consumers.


In addition, the district’s economic division organized 18 training sessions and seminars with over 600 participants; hung up banners; gave away over 4,500 food safety leaflets at local markets in 2018; developed and issued post-granting and post-inspection plans for 131 food production facilities and businesses. In the past year, the district’s inter-sector inspection team conducted inspection at 55 slaughtering, transporting and trading facilities, thereby dealing with 11 facilities with violations with a total amount of fines of over VND100 million; confiscated 776 kg of animal products that fail to ensure veterinary hygiene and food safety conditions as required.


According to orientations and plans, to improve food safety and hygiene, Trang Bom district will continue to further disseminate propaganda information to raise people’s awareness of production, processing and transportation as well; to carry out the inspection, detection and handling of violations; and to manage the certification of food safety and hygiene for eligible facilities.


Duy Minh (Thao Lam)

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