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Trang Bom district has been active enough to combat and control African swine fever Update 23-10-2019 11:08
Trang Bom has 278,000 pigs in total including 215,000 heads in farms and in the past months Trang Bom has recorded the outbreaks of African swine fever in 8 communes and actively adopted measures to prevent, control, and curb the epidemic.

Strict inspections have been conducted to prevent the spread of African swine fever


The localities that have been reported to be infected with African swine fever in Trang Bom district in the past months are Binh Minh, Doi 61, Bac Son, Quang Tien, Song Trau, Giang Dien, and Ho Nai 3 communes and Trang Bom town with a total number of more than 7,560 culled pigs in 39 households and more than 4,285 kg of infected pigs.


In recent years, Trang Bom has mobilized concerned forces to deal with local outbreaks. In particular, the veterinary agency of Region 6, Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, Department of Livestock and Veterinary, and Chairman of People’s Committee of Trang Bom district have directly dealt with outbreaks. Also, Trang Bom’s police, livestock stations and veterinary and Center for Public Infrastructure; and the veterinary agency, police, militia and self-defense forces of communes have coordinated to destroy pigs by digging burial holes within the livestock area, spreading lime powder, canvas lining and killing pigs with electricity and then putting them into holes, covering holes with canvas, lime powder, installing ventilation pipes, filling holes, and putting up “notice” signs; and to disinfect all the people and means that are involved in the pig culling process.


Also, Trang Bom has established temporary animal quarantine points in communes to control the animals and animal products that are transported through the district; temporarily suspended the control over the slaughtering of pigs and over pig products towards the slaughterhouses in communes where outbreaks are detected until outbreaks are over; strengthened the inspection of the district’s slaughtering and trading of animal products with a focus in the communes where outbreaks have been detected.


In addition, the People’s Committees of communes and towns are asked to carry out the tasks of disinfecting the district with antiseptic chemicals and lime powder; enhance the supervision of the epidemic development in local pig herds to report to the district; instruct localities how to prepare documents to assist the households with the pigs that are forced to be culled.


In recent years, Trang Bom has helped with its households with pigs infected with African swine fever with an amount worth over VND1,237 million. During the epidemic period, since African swine fever was announced, the local consumption of pork has become relatively slow and hog prices have greatly declined compared to the time before the outbreak. In order to timely take measures to direct the prevention of African swine fever Trang Bom district’s People’s Committee has issued a lot of guidance documents as well as developed and gone ahead with the plans on how to prevent and control African swine fever on cattle and poultry and on how to prevent African swine fever in the locality in 2019; issue a decision on the establishment of temporary animal quarantine points during the outbreak period.


Also, Trang Bom People’s Committee has assigned the district’s members in charge of communes and towns to regularly monitor, check, and grasp the epidemic development to timely deal with and propose to the Vietnam Fatherland Front Committees and socio-political unions at district to communal levels to make plans to join hands in disseminating propaganda information on how to raise the public awareness of African swine fever.


Trang has also actively promoted the dissemination of propaganda information through leaflets, posters as well as local newspapers and radio stations; organized training sessions to disseminate propaganda information on how to prevent and control and deal with the outbreaks and get ready to respond to epidemics to officials, market management boards and farm owners; conduct mobile propaganda sessions in the communes where African swine fever has been detected to help improve the public awareness of  how to prevent and control and respond to the epidemic.


Slaughtering activities in localities where African swine fever has been detected are suspended


To conduct the disinfection process, the People’s Committee of Trang Bom district received more than 7,000 liters of disinfectant from the Department of Livestock and Veterinary and allocated it to communes and towns to immediately disinfect breeding areas.


However, according to the report by Trang Bom district the prevention of African swine fever in the province has still been faced up with a lot of difficulties due to the authorities’ embarrassment of having to cull a large number of pigs and the tasks of tracing the origins of the disease and the number of pigs sold out from farms. Also, there are still some areas where illegal pig slaughtering has appeared.


Duy Minh (Thao Lam)

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