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Dong Nai Family Culture Festival 2014 Connects Family Love Updated09-06-2014 07:41
On the morning of June 8, the provincial Department of Culture, Sports, and Tourism, Women’s Association, and Labor Federation jointly organized the Dong Nai Family Culture Festival 2014 with the participation of 45 outstanding families in the province at the provincial Convention and Events Center.


The activities of the festival help families further connect love

Delivering a speech to open the festival, Director of Department of Culture, Sports, and Tourism Nguyen Van Long stressed that this activity is held every year to provide families chances to have an exchange and share experience. Particularly, participating culinary contests and musical and sporty activities brought members the opportunities to understand each other better.

In the festival program, Dong Nai Newspaper Editor in Chief Tran Huy Thanh called for the delegates and the participants of the “Join hands in defending Vietnam’s sea and islands sovereignty” program.

According to Ms. Luu Thi Phuong, through this activity organizers wished to arouse the patriotism and love towards sea and islands and raise families and communities’ awareness of and sense of responsibility towards protecting territorial sovereignty in the current period.

Some photos of the activities at the festival:


A performance piece with the contents towards the sea and islands

Vice Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee Nguyen Thanh Tri and Vice Chairwoman of the provincial People's Council Huynh Thi Nga are handing a flower basket over to the provincial People’s Committee and People’s Council to welcome the festival


Families are competing in the cooking contest

A lot of musical performance pieces of the families aim for the sea and islands of Vietnam

Duy Minh (Lien Huong)

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