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The Provincial Civil Servant Labor Union Maneuver 2014 Came to a Close and Dong Nai Department of Science and Technology (DOST) Won the 2nd Runner-up Prize for Individual Swimming Updated28-04-2014 10:01
After 3 days of competition, the provincial Civil Servant Labor Union Maneuver 2014 ended. Department of Internal Affairs ranked the first, followed by Dong Nai Fine Arts College and Department of Natural Resources and Environment.

tjrymjy.jpgPrizes are being awarded to the athletes

The maneuver attracted the participation of more than 1,000 athletes from 64 agencies and units at the provincial Civil Servant Labor Union, who competed in 5 contents: sack jump, tug of war, swimming, table tennis, and badminton. DOST’s labor union took part in 4 contents: tug of war, sack jump, badminton, and swimming.

Finally, it won the second runner-up prize for the male individual swimming.

Duy Minh (Thanh Canh)

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