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 New countryside activities

Necessary to complete the project of applying high-tech for sustainable agr... (03/09/2019)
Dong Nai People’s Committee not long ago had a working session on the feasibility research project on the sustainable development of high-tech applied agriculture of Israel in Dong Nai province until 2025 with a vision to 2030 with dep...
Helping with the GAHP process (03/09/2019)
According to the report by the Lifsap Project Management, after 9 years’ implementation, up to now the province has built 1 cooperative and 67 GAHP cooperative groups with a total number of 891 participant households.
Joining hands in building a cultural life in residential areas (06/05/2019)
In 2018, the “All people unite to build a cultural life” movement in Trang Bom district was implemented towards the enhancement of depth, quality and efficiency and it created the atmosphere of dynamic emulation in the political system...
A new project on dengue fever forecast implemented (06/05/2019)
On the morning of March 22, the delegation of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), and World Health Organization (WHO) was led by doctor Dinh Thanh Tung, the official in charge of health under the United Nations Development P...
Trang Bom district has been active enough to prevent and fight with African... (04/05/2019)
To deal with the fact that African swine fever is tending to gradually spread into the southern and central region provinces of Vietnam, on the afternoon of March 15 the People’s Committee of Trang Bom district held a training workshop...
New policies on the public health insurance disseminated (04/05/2019)
Not long ago, Dong Nai Department of Health in collaboration with USAID organized a workshop on “How to implement new policies on health insurance, sharing experience in HIV/AIDS treatment, and making payment through medical insurance”...
Measles – rubella (MR) vaccine shots for unvaccinated children (03/05/2019)
To deal with the number of measles cases tending to increase, and a high number of newly-infected cases, to increase the community’s immunization for MR, and to control the measles epidemic in the province soon, Dong Nai’s health secto...
Necessary to promote propaganda activities on how to keep hygiene and preve... (03/05/2019)
In order to improve propaganda activities and others to keep hygiene and prevent diseases, Trang Bom district’s Health Center sprayed chemicals to kill mosquitoes and mosquito larvae to prevent dengue fever in the second phase in Bac S...
Positive changes seen in the new countryside construction program (19/03/2019)
From the movement of building a new countryside, people’s life has been improved and infrastructure as well as the rural face has prospered.
Improving the prevention and control of diseases on crops (18/03/2019)
According to the provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, up to now the cassava leaf mosaic disease has occurred on a total area of ​​321 hectares in such five areas as Vinh Cuu, Dinh Quan, Xuan Loc, Trang Bom and Lo...

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