phuockhanh : Socio – economic potentials Xã An Viễn huyện Trảng Bom

 Socio-economic potentials


1. Labor resources:

Total number of households: 3,733 people.

Total number of people: 14,078 people.

The total number of people at their working age: 8,985 people.

+ Industrial workers: 4,212.

+ Agricultural laborers: 1,034.

+ Commercial and services laborers: 3,739.


2. Land:

Total natural land area: 3,692.69 ha.

+ Agricultural land area: 1,035 ha.

+ Special-use land area: 3,629.11 ha.

+ Residential land area: 63.58 ha. 


The reality of using land: land is used for planting sugarcanes, rice plants, and vegetables.


3. Communications:

Phuoc Khanh’s communications:

+ There are Internet points in each hamlet.

+ There are post and telecommunications points.

The number of telephones: 80 phones/100 people.


4. Transport:

The national highways and provincial roads run through Phuoc Khanh commune: Pham Thai Buong street

The length of roads running through Phuoc Khanh commune: 5 km.

The current state of Phuoc Khanh’s road system:

+ The commune’s roads coinciding with the district’s roads have been asphalted: 4,156 km.

+ The inter-hamlet road and hamlet road axis: 3.5 km in length and 2.5 km of asphalted road.

+ Hamlet internal roads: 13,287 km with 8,088 km of clean and no-mud roads in the rainy season and 2,000 km of concreted roads.

+ The total length of roads: 17,452 km including 5,259 km of asphalted roads, 6,088 km of concreted roads, and 1,940 km of earth roads.


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