phuockhanh : Socio – economic reality Xã An Viễn huyện Trảng Bom

 Socio-economic reality


1. Agriculture – Forestry – Fishery:

Agriculture: Phuoc Khanh commune’s agricultural land area is planted with fruit trees of its agricultural strengths; the commune’s cattle and poultry livestock activities; agricultural land: 1,035 ha and trees of advantages like rice and sugarcanes.


Phuoc Khanh’s livestock activities tend to decrease:

+ Cattle and goats: 300 heads, going down to 162 heads.

+ Pigs: 1,946 heads, going down to 1,500 heads.

+ Poultry: 18,192 heads, going down to 17,900 heads.


2. Education:

The  list of schools in Phuoc Khanh:

+ Phuoc Khanh kindergarten.

+ Phuoc Khanh primary school.

+ Phuoc Khanh secondary school.


The number of teachers by grade levels:

+ Primary school teachers: 36

+ Kindergarten teachers: 38

+ Secondary school teachers: 34


The number of students by grade levels:

+ Primary school students: 1,227

+ Kindergarten children: 480

+ Secondary school students: 727


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