phuockhanh : Development orientation Xã An Viễn huyện Trảng Bom

 Development orientation


1. Major development goals:


Phuoc Khanh’s economic structure until 2020: Agriculture: 50%; Small industry and handicrafts: 10%; Trade and services: 40%; Income per capita: VND6,000,000/year; Mobilization of development investment capital: VND5,000,000,000  including total capital of VND2,000,000,000 from people; the proportion of tax and fee mobilization into the State budget has increased by an average of 5.5% annually.


More than 95% of households use electricity and clean and hygienic water and the number of poor households reduces by 5%. The growth rate of population by 2020 will reach below 1.4% and the laborers with stable jobs account for 70% and seasonal workers from 29%.


Photo: The planning orientation for Phuoc Khanh commune


2. Agriculture - Forestry – Fishery:

According to the land use planning until 2020.

+ Developing annual crop production areas: sugarcanes and vegetables; building sugarcane material areas with an area of ​​800 ha; and building a vegetable growing area of ​​about 200 ha.

+ Selecting perennial crops suitable for the commune such as custard apples, coconuts, purple yam, specialty crops, and so on.

+ Maintaining a stable number of herds of cattle and poultry and increasing the size of pigs.


3. Trade - Services – Tourism:

The commune has created favorable conditions for organizations and individuals of all economic sectors to invest in the production and business activities in the field of trade and services and for production and business establishments to form their establishments or invest in the expansion of their capacity with a variety of forms to bring their goods and services to the country.


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