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 Socioeconomic Overview


1. Geographic location

Located 20 km southeast of Long Thanh district center and 48 km from Bien Hoa city

2. Natural land

The natural land covers 3,664.2 ha, accounting for 6.8 percent of the total land of ​​the district.

- Its north borders Tan Hiep commune (Long Thanh district, Dong Nai province).

- Its south borders Hac Dich commune, My Xuan (Tan Thanh district, Ba Ria - Vung Tau province).

- Its west borders Phuoc Thai commune (Long Thanh district, Dong Nai province).

- Its east borders Cu Bi commune (Chau Duc district, Ba Ria - Vung Tau province).

3. Administrative units

Phuoc Binh commune is divided into 7 hamlets including Hamlet 1, Hamlet 2, Hamlet 3, Hamlet 4, Hamlet 5, Hamlet 6 and Hamlet 7.​

The commune has a relatively flat terrain form,

with average slope of  less than 80, with the form of gently wavy hills, slightly divided creating different terrain sub-regions.

Relative altitude varies from 5 to 100 m, tending to lower gradually from East to West, very suitable for perennial crops as well as for residence and infrastructure development. 


5. Climate

The commune is located in a tropical monsoon climate with 2 seasons, with the rainy season starting from lunar April to October.

The average temperature is 22-38 0C.

Rainfall is quite high (an average of 1,800- 1,862 mm a year) but clearly differentiated by seasons, of which the rainy season makes up for over 90 percent of annual rainfall. The dry season lasts from November to next April, accounting for only 10 percent of total annual rainfall.

The average evaporation volume is 1,100-1,300 mm a year and in the dry season it is usually 2-3 times higher than the rainy season, creating a sharp imbalance in the humidity, especially in the last months of the dry season.

Humidity: 50-75 percent

Average temperature: 29 oC

Highest temperatures: 37-38 oC

Lowest temperatures: 20-22 oC


6. Culture and history

Established: in 1994

7. Population

Total population: 13,103 people

Number of households: 3,570 families

Ethnic groups: Choro, Chinese, Muong, Khmer

Religions: Catholicism, Protestantism, Buddhism, Caodaism.