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 Socioeconomic Potential


1. Workforce

Total number of households in the commune: 4,041 families

Number of people: 16,185 people

Number of working-age people: 9,779 people.

Rate of industrial workers: 30 percent

Rate of agricultural laborers: 55 percent

Rate of commercial workers: 10 percent

Rate of service employees: 5 percent

2. Land

Total natural land area: 3,664.25 ha, 100 percent

Agricultural land: 3,423.439 ha, 93.43 percent

Forest land: 528.851 ha, 15.45 percent

Specialized land: 107.509 ha, 44.64 percent

Residential land: 77.472 ha, 2.17 percent

Unused land: 8.06 ha, 0.22 percent;​


3. Mineral resources

Names of minerals in the commune: construction rock

Location of minerals: Hamlet 7, Phuoc Binh commune

Current exploitation: being exploited;

4. Traditional products and crafts:

Names of products: raw cashew nuts; latex; citrus fruits; cassava; corn; vegetables and beans; Melaleuca timber and other crops; meat of animals, livestock, poultry, aquatic birds and seafood.

Current operation and scale: small-scale

Names of traditional crafts: agricultural farming and livestock husbandry

Current state of production: no linkage and concentration planning.


5. Communications

Current situation of communication and communication of the commune: the post and telecommunication development in the commune has recently developed strongly, reaching over 60 machines per 100 households. The demands for communication, daily life, and socioeconomic conditions have enabled people to equip more and more mobile phones, especially mobiles. The commune has one Cultural Post Office to meet the needs of people. Investment has been made in building information stations and information systems are synchronously connected with other technical infrastructure in order to fully meet the demand for telephone and Internet in the commune.

- Information: the commune's wireless radio network covers most areas in the commune with one receiver station and 16 loudspeaker clusters, regularly broadcasting daily according to the district's relay schedule.

- The commune's monthly newsletter published by the Propaganda Board has conveyed information about the activities of the local Party and State. In addition, the information station with the specified contents (one-stop-shop) has shown good implementation of the democracy regulation in the commune.

Total number: 600 sets per 4,041 households;

6. Transport

National Highways and Provincial Roads crossing the commune: National Highway 51

Length of crossing roads: 1.7 km

Current state of the road system: the commune has the total area of 68,984 ha, including 41 roads, with total length of 38 km, in which 4,428 km has already been built and the remaining is expected to be asphalted and concreted between 2015 and 2020.

Length of asphalted roads: 16,824 km

Length of dust roads: 21,376 km;