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 Socioeconomic Facts


1. Industry

Area and operation of industrial zones in the commune (if any): industry and small-handicraft industries mainly serve the essential needs of local people while production activities are aimed at serving for agricultural development. The small-handicraft industry cluster has been newly planned but has not lured investment, so its development is still very slow. There is Ho Cau Moi resettlement area in the commune with an area of ​​15 ha, planned locations for 2 clusters of Saigon Beer and Beer Industrial Park of ​​190 ha; Phu Gia Golf Course Industrial Cluster of ​​about 650 ha ; Ha Lan Hospital of ​​7 ha; pig and chicken farms with the cleaning system have been introduced.

Business and production situation of some typical enterprises: in recent years, along with the development of industrial zones and clusters in neighboring areas, services have developed significantly, creating a economic structure transition in line with the general development trend of the commune, specifically Thanh My Phat Co., Ltd, Tin Nghia Petroleum JSC, Ngoc Hai Phat delivery private company.

Workforce, industrial potential and industrial development orientation: in Phuoc Binh commune, agriculture accounts for over 70 percent.


2. Agro-forestry and fishery

Agriculture: the area of ​​agricultural land, the crops (fruits) with agricultural advantages, the situation of poultry husbandry in the commune: totaling 3,423.44 ha; accounting for 93.43 percent of the natural land; including:

Agricultural production land: 2,866.01 ha; accounting for 83.72 percent of agricultural land;

+ Land for annual crops: area 568.26 ha; accounting for 19.83 percent of the ​​agricultural production land, including land for rice farming of 144.315 ha; land for other annual crops of 423.945 ha. Annual crop land is not concentrated, mainly along the banks of Cau Vac stream, Bo stream, and Cay Tranh stream and some low-lying areas.

+ Land for growing perennials: covring 2,297.754 ha, accounting for 80.17 percent of agricultural land with main crops such as perennial industrial plants (2,099.876 ha); land for fruit trees (84 ha); land for other perennial crops (mainly mixed gardens of 113.877 ha). The distributed area is quite concentrated, forming specialized farming areas toward commodity production.

Forestry: the land for forestry, and the situation and development orientation of the forestry sector of the commune (if any): covering 528.851 ha; accounting for 15.45 percent of the agricultural land area, the whole is production forest.

Fishery: water surface area for aquaculture, annual catches and development orientation: area of ​​7.5835 ha; accounting for 0.22 percent of agricultural land, mainly for freshwater fish farming.


3. Trade, services and tourism

Labor structure, services and trade, product value in the year: currently in the commune there are 239 enterprises, limited liability companies and small business households doing business in the fields of construction, trade and services. In addition there are 3 cooperatives (handling and agriculture) settled for hundreds of cooperative members and contract workers in the commune.

4. Education

There are 3 schools in the commune

- Kindergarten Phuoc Binh

- Phuoc Binh Primary School

- Phuoc Binh Secondary School

Number of teachers:

- Kindergarten Phuoc Binh: 24 teachers

- Phuoc Binh Primary School: 33 teachers

- Phuoc Binh Secondary School: 28 teachers

Number of students:

- Kindergarten Phuoc Binh: 320 Students

- Phuoc Binh Primary School: 885 Students

- Phuoc Binh Secondary School: 400 Students

Commune Library: Phuoc Binh

Located at the Center for Culture, Sports and Community Learning of Phuoc Binh commune. There are about 1,000 titles. Including types of books, including Bien Hoa - Dong Nai; Geography; Craft Villages; 300 Years of Bien Hoa; Tran Bien Temple of Literature; Truong Sa - Hoang Sa – Homeland Sea and Islands; Hoang Van Bon; Choro Culture; worship literature; story books, story vollumes, poetry books.

Current situation of education in the commune:

- Preschools: unfinished

- Right Age Primary Education Universalization

- The universalization of Secondary and High School has met the standards.


5. Healthcare

Number of medical staff serving at the commune health station: The health station has been invested in upgrading, with a full range of clinics to serve medical examination and treatment for people. The station has 10 staff members, including: 2 doctors, 2 physicians, 3 nurses, a midwife, a pharmacy and a population official.

Information about the commune health station: In 2006, it was recognized by the Provincial People's Committee as "the commune meeting the National Health Standards in 2006" and has continuously maintained the title to date.

Health services for people: The community health program is also effectively implemented; teams of medical doctors and medical collaborators of the hamlets have also improved their professional qualifications and gradually improved the quality of medical checkup and treatment on the spot. Annual implementation of national health programs has met and exceeded the set targets.


6. Culture

Cho Ro Cultural House in the Settlement Area of ​​Ethnic Minority Village in Hamlet 6, Phuoc Binh commune regularly organizes cultural - art - physical training - sports activities for ethnic minorities with gong dance, season welcoming dance; Sa Yang Va Festival; football and volleyball matches; competitions of folk games tug of war and sack jumping.

Information about commune’s Cultural Post Office: At present, there is no communal central Post Office in the commune. There is a Communal Cultural Post Office in Hamlet 1. The commune has an optical cable line installed along the post office along Phuoc Binh street, connecting to the commune Cultural Post Office.

Cultural activities in the commune: There have been many progresses in cultural activities, physical training and sport, improving quality, efficiency, serving the needs of cultural enjoyment of the people, regularly propagating big holidays, celebrating the party to celebrate the spring, studying and following Ho Chi Minh's moral example, socioeconomic tasks, political goals, national security and defense, preventing prostitution drugs, HIV/AIDS prevention, crime prevention and so on.

- Organizing entertainment activities, entertainment night to celebrate the Party and celebrate the Spring; organizing a public performance night including various genres of music, dance, drama, comedy, classical music, court music, etc. to serve people in the commune.

- The campaign of all people to unite to build a cultured life achieves results, increasingly being expanded and developed towards the realization of the strategic goals set by the 5th Central Party Congress Resolution - the third term. Up to now, the entire commune has all 7 cultural hamlets and has maintained the title over the years. Every year, the average family culture reaches 93.5-98 percent. The commune has been continuously recognized as a commune of its good performance in drug prostitution prevention and control over the years.​