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 Development Orientation


Agricultural production, trade-services:

- Monitoring the summer-autumn crop production progress to promptly detect pest and diseases on plants and guide farmers to adopt effective control measures, closely monitoring diseases in livestock and poultry.

- Effectively controlling prices, ensuring supply-demand balance and stabilizing prices of essential goods.

- Continuing to disseminate the prevention and control of COVID-19 measures to businesses and facilities, penalizing spontaneous business establishments in the commune.

- Focusing on strengthening, developing and improving the operation efficiency of cooperatives and economic cooperation groups, guiding cooperatives toward multi-profession and multi-function, adapting to market mechanisms; reviewing poorly-operating cooperatives to aid or ineffective ones dissolve.

Culture, information and sports:

- Focusing on propaganda to celebrate major holidays in the year; propagating the implementation of the Party's guidelines, State laws, socioeconomic goals, national defense and security in 2020; continuing to implement “Studying and following Ho Chi Minh's ideology, morality and style” movement and local political duties; focusing on strengthening COVID-19 epidemic propaganda in various forms suitable with the situation of each locality so that people get informed about the epidemic and how to prevent and fight for themselves and their families; encouraging people to increase the use of online public administrative services during the epidemic.

- Continuing to strengthen inspections and handle cultural activities and cultural services business, and penalizing cases of illegal advertising in the commune.