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 Socioeconomic Overview



Long Phuoc commune, southwest of Long Thanh district, has a natural area of ​​3,744 hectares, accounting for 8.68 percent of the district's natural area.

Long Phuoc commune borders

- the communes of Phuoc Thai, Bau Can and Tan Hiep in the east;

- Nhon Trach district in the west;

- Nhon Trach district and Phuoc Thai commune in the south;

- the communes of Long An and Binh Son in the north;


Long Phuoc is divided into 8 hamlets including Phuoc Hoa hamlet, Hamlet 5, Tap Phuoc hamlet, Go-Ba Ky hamlet, and Dat Moi hamlet.


- Geology:

+ Basalt rock: Located in the edge of Long Khanh - Thong Nhat basalt sheet at the age of Quaternary; a type of weathered porous basalt, which has black tint;

+ Ancient alluvium: at the Quaternary geological age, the alluvial sediment of Dong Nai River, with light mechanical composition;

+ New alluvium: belonging to Holocene sediments of Dong Nai River;

- Topography: In general, the commune has a unique terrain type divided into two distinct parts: one formed on the old alluvial ground and another new alluvial soil.


- Climate:

+ Long Phuoc commune has a monsoon sub-equatorial climate with steadily high heat during the year, high rainfall and seasonal differentiation.

+ Air temperatures are high and relatively constant, with annual average temperatures of 25 – 26 0C.

+ Average annual humidity is 78-82 percent.

Total sunshine hours: 2,200-2,700 hours a year. The dry season accounts for 55-56 percent of the total number of sunshine hours. Solar radiation reaches 110-160 Kcal per cm2 per year.

+ The average annual rainfall is 1,900 mm. Due to heavy rainfall but not evenly distributed in months, there are two separate seasons.

+ Every year, there are two main wind seasons: dry season with northeast monsoon, rainy season with southwest monsoon. The average speed is from 2.1-2.4 m/s, and the maximum is 25.0 m/s.

The average amount of evaporated water is 1,100-1,300 mm. Evaporation in the dry season is 2-3 times higher than the rainy season.

- Hydrology:

There is one stream, Suoi Ca, flowing through the commune and many small streams grow into a tributary.

According to the 8th Federation of Geology - Thuy Van, groundwater in the area of Long Thanh - Nhon Trach is of good quality, with less iron, where water is mainly exploited.​

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