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 Socioeconomic Facts



Continuing to speed up the development, and use of intensive farming methods, crop restructuring, applying scientific and technical advances to increase economic efficiency; surveying the number of abandoned rice areas to make plans for them to be put into use; expanding rubber tree growing  area, covering the ​​one crop rice area with forestry trees and vegetables.

Encouraging the building of many concentrated husbandry models in households, replicating small-scale household husbandry models, rapidly increasing herds of dairy cows, pigs and chickens.

Calling for investment, creating favorable conditions for all economic sectors to develop agricultural product processing and building materials production industries.

Total cultivated area: 481.2 ha, including 405 ha of rice, with an estimated yield of 8 tons per ha; 2 ha of corn, 10 tons per ha; 8.2 ha of vegetables and fruits of all kinds, 10 tons per ha; 18 ha of small-scale rubber plantation, 1.3 tons per ha; 32 ha of wheat, 25 tons per ha, and 16 ha of cashew, 1.3 tons per ha


Promoting the expansion of existing establishments, taking advantage of the government support to build new industrial, small-handicraft, trade and service establishments in the commune with stably planned zones.

Diversifying types of trade and services; completing of the roads targeted in the Congress Resolution, encouraging households to buy freight trucks and passenger cars, etc.

Therefore, it requires investment in science and technology as well as resources to implement the commune’s and district’s proposed goals to tap into available internal resources and call for external investment.


+ Culture: During the past 10 months, sports activities have been organized to celebrate holidays and Tet for teenagers and youths such as volleyball, folk games, performing art festival, and collective rope jumping. Results include one first prize, 2 consolation prizes, one third prize.

Currently, the commune has one Vovinam martial art club with 70 students; traditional martial art with 80 students; a fitness club of 50 trainees; bodybuilding with 30 trainees; men's football with 25 players; children's aerobic with 40 children. The clubs open regularly.

+ Education:

Secondary school:

Total number of staff, teachers, employees: 67 people; total number of students: 1,318; total number of classes: 31; in the 2018-2019 school year: number of graduators: 237 out of 243 students, making up 98.6 percent; number of good and excellent students: 742 out of 1,154, reaching 64.3 percent; average students: 412 out of 1,154, accounting for 35.7 percent.

Primary schools:

Long Phuoc Primary School:

Total number of officers, teachers, and employees: 33; number of students: 779 students. In the 2018-2019 school year: number of graduators: 122 students, reaching 100 percent; number of excellent students: 283 out of 719, making up 39 percent; good students: 179 out 719, reaching 25 percent; number of re-tested students in Grade 1, 2, 3, 4: 17 out of 719, accounting for 2 percent.

Tap Phuoc Primary School:

Total number of teachers and employees: 49 people; total number of students: 1,286; total of classes: 32 classes. In the 2018-2019 school year: excellent students: 457 out of 1,252, reaching 36.5 percent; number of students completing primary school: 241 out of 241; reaching 100 percent; number of students completing the curriculum: 1,241 out of 1,252, reaching 99.1 percent; number of re-tested students in Grade 1, 2, 3, 4: 11 out of 1,252 accounting for 0.9 percent.

Long Phuoc Kindergarten:

Total number of teachers and employees: 39 people; students: 267, divided into 10 classes including one preschool class, 2 Germ classes, 4 Bud classes, 3 Leaf classes; rate of students going to Grade 1: 120 out of 120 reaching 100 percent.

+ Healthcare:

The total number of people being examined and treated in 10 months was 3,728 patients (2,265 people paid with health insurance, 1,463 people using traditional medicine).

The current natural population growth rate of the commune is 0.98 percent, meeting the less than one percent target.

+ Invalids and social affairs:

Paying Tet money to social policy beneficiaries and people with meritorious services, and giving 1,750 Tet gifts to policy beneficiaries on the occasion of the 2019 Lunar New Year with a total amount of VND682.7 million.

Tet gifts for social protection beneficiaries: 378 gifts, VND600,000 each, total amount of VND226.8 million and Tet gifts, VND500,000 each, a total of VND17 million, to 34 poor households on the Lunar New Year.

During the 2019 Lunar New Year, the People's Committee mobilized 2,182 gifts, worth VND955 million from sponsors and donors in order to support and care for the poor, the disabled, Agent Orange victims, policy families, people's groups, young people in active service and those preparing to enlist, etc.

* The Gratitude Fund: VND76.8 million (giving 256 presents, VND300,000 each).


Preparing procedures for the issuance of 283 health insurance cards to under 6 year-old children.

+ Poverty reduction program:

The total number of poor households in the commune is 34 households, including 6 poor household "A"; 17 poor households “B; and 11 near-poor households. In the first 10 months of the year, 1 out of 4 poor households was reduced, making up 25 percent compared to the district-assigned target.

+ Religion and ethnicity matters:

a. Buddhism:

There are 9 pagodas in the commune; one Intermediate School of Buddhism; one retreat; one monastic; one Pure Land; and 02 facilities to raise disabled and unintentional children (Hoa Mai Orphanage; Long Phuoc Dien Pagoda). The Buddhist institutions operate normally.

b. Catholicism:

The commune has 2 churches, including one Dominican Order church and one Protestant church. The communal Religious Committee instructs religious establishments to have their ceremony programs to comply with the registered programs.

According to surveys, there are 10 households following the Cao Dai religion with 62 people.

c. Ethnicity:

Currently, the commune has 14 ethnic groups, including 19 ethnic households with 87 people.

+ Judiciary and civil status

Judiciary work: 6,855 replications of originals; authentication of 1,797 signatures; authentication of 205transaction contracts, and 9 cases of loan procedure.

Civil status registration: 553 cases of birth registration: 131 cases of marriage; 78 cases of death; 24 cases of civil status correction; 4 cases of child recognition; none of adoption; 5 cases of guardian registration; 292 cases of marital status certification.

Mediation: As of October 2019, the Conciliation Council has received 47 applications,  with 13 applications of successful mediation; 21 applications of unsuccessful mediation, transferred to the district People's Court for settlement; and 14 applications being handled.

Malnutrition by weight 57 out of 1345 reaching 4.25 percent, compared with the district-assigned target of 4.7 percent; height 123 out of 1345 reaching 9.1 percent, compared with the district-assigned target of 9.7 percent; and immunization of all 9 vaccines for children.

Improving the quality of the commune-to- village health network, taking good primary health care for people, completing the national health target programs, preventing epidemics, strengthening the management of food hygiene and safety, and environmental sanitation.

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