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Nursing Care to be Improved Updated12-06-2014 10:29
The inspection and supervision by Ministry of Health (MOH)’s Nursing Division found that, in a number of clinics in the province, some nurses and midwives failed to properly follow the procedures of monitoring and taking care of patients and failed to fulfil their duties as expected, by, for example, letting the patients have to be taken care of by their families. To address that problem, the Department of Health has required in written directors of hospitals and clinics in the province to review their nursing activities and correct any improper things.
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 In some clinics, nurses fail to fulfill their duties as expected

Also, DOH’s director requested the clinics’ leaders to pay more attention to the nursing care in their places, by, for example, regularly checking up on the nurses, the way they work, the way they behave, their professional skills, the procedures, and so on, and timely dealing with any breaches of rules of professional conduct. He noted that it was also essential to pay attention to the infection control, to ensure safety for patients.

Thanh Van (Dieu Linh)

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