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​Improving the treatment efficiency with high-pressure oxygen technology Update 23-06-2020 03:12
Dong Nai General Hospital has recently introduced high-pressure oxygen technology to treat the disease. This is an achievement of modern medicine with high therapeutic and nursing effects. This method has both healing and nursing properties, which helps the injured parts of the patient’s body to recover quickly and make the patient’s body stronger and cure many diseases.

Treatment with high pressure oxygen at Dong Nai General Hospital


According to Dr. Dang Ha Huu Phuoc, Head of the General Planning Division of Dong Nai General Hospital, the technique of high-pressure oxygen is applied to patients with such diseases as carbon dioxide poisoning; skin ulcers that takes a long time to heal, especially ulcers caused by diabetes complications, and other ulcers; impaired brain circulation; cardiovascular diseases such as ischemic heart attack, tachycardia, arrhythmia, and impaired cardiac function after surgery. Particularly, this technique is also applied in rehabilitation treatment after mental labor and physical labor stress and anemia due to stomach bleeding. This technique is also applied in beauty to keep youthful and fight with anti-aging skin. The patients who are afraid of closed-chamber syndrome, who are pregnant women, and who suffer acute medical conditions that are not stable should not be treated with this technique.


Also, the high-pressure oxygen technology supports a number of treatment cases such as pressure injuries, peripheral anemia injuries; anaerobic infection; anemia, blood loss; infected soft tissue necrosis; osteomyelitis, skin flap transplant; prevention of soft tissue necrosis and bone due to radiation therapy in cancer patients; thermal burns; acute transient ischemic brain, cerebral edema; stroke (sub-acute and recovery period); complications of diabetes mellitus; lesions that cause ischemia; sudden deafness, tinnitus; anemia or central retinal occlusion (stable); head injuries, sports injuries; traumatic brain injury recovery period; children with cerebral palsy, autism; and so on.


According to Dr. Dang Ha Huu Phuoc, before putting this modern technology into the treatment of patients, Dong Nai General Hospital has prepared very carefully from operating rooms, electrical equipment, and electrical appliances to human resources to complete all the necessary processes.


Dong Nai General Hospital has also invested in a lot of new modern techniques thanks to its cooperation with higher-level hospitals


According to the head technician Tran Minh Duy from the Department of Rehabilitation at Dong Nai General Hospital, using high-pressure oxygen therapy is that the patient is placed in a machine with 100% high-pressure oxygen environment. Breathing in oxygen will compensate for the lack of oxygen to the patient’s body and help his injured parts to recover quickly. In the process of treatment, the patient is taken into a high-pressure chamber, which is monitored by observation and communication via microphones with a technician and then the treatment button is turned on. Depending on the specific condition of each patient and the purpose of treatment, a course of using high-pressure oxygen is about 1-2 hours a day. In severe cases, it may require 8 to 10 hours in the oxygen chamber. At the end of the pressure relief phase, the chamber pressure returns to atmospheric pressure and the chamber lid is open for the patient. The patient is checked again for pulse, blood pressure, and breathing rate. If there is no abnormal behavior, the patient takes a rest for 5 to 10 minutes and then leaves. The next treatment course will be prescribed by the treating doctor.


The introduction of high-pressure oxygen system contributes to increasing the effectiveness of disease treatment, diversifying types of services and meeting the increasing medical examination and treatment needs of people visiting and treating at Dong Nai General Hospital.


Ms. Dang Thi Tuyet living in quarter 2, Trang Dai ward, Bien Hoa city said that her husband, Mr. Nguyen Van Ty, suffered a stroke in 2013. Since then, all his activities like sleeping, resting, travelling, speaking and movement became very difficult. In June 2018, after a follow-up visit and advice from the doctors and nurses of Dong Nai General Hospital, she learned about high-pressure oxygen treatment technique, she registered for her husband to perform this treatment method. After 2 times of treatment, Mr. Ty felt more comfortable as he moved and his sleep was deeper.


Thanks to the use of high-pressure oxygen machines, over the past years Dong Nai General Hospital has effectively treated a number of diseases such as stroke; improved the functions of nerve, movement, language, feelings, perception, and so on. Although it was just put into use for a short time, many patients in the province have known this method and would like to use high-pressure oxygen treatment machines to restore their function as well as improve their treatment.


Duy Minh (An Nhien)


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