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Strengthening the leadership and direction of the implementation of the National “One commune – One Product” Program in the province Update 10-10-2019 09:01
The Standing Committee of Dong Nai provincial Party Committee has just issued Directive no. 46 on how to strengthen the leadership and direction of the implementation of the National “One commune – One Product” Program in the province.

Dong Nai province convened a conference to fully grasp the “One commune – One Product” Program.


The “One commune – One Product” is a program to promote the economic development in rural areas towards endogenous development and increased value and it is also a solution and a task for the implementation of the national target program on the construction of new countryside. The State plays the role of a creator, introducing a legal framework and policies, setting orientations and planning the production areas of goods and services.


The program having been carried out in the province has initially achieved certain results. Surveys show that the province’s 112 types of products have participated in the Program with a production scale of various entities. However, the Program’s implementation progress is still slow compared to actual requirements. The quality of the products participating in the “One Commune – One Prodcut” Program indicates the increased value that is not high and there have still existed weaknesses in the introduction and promotion process of products due to the fact that goods is mainly being manufactured in a small scale, that there are still few chains associated with product consumption, organic agriculture, clean agriculture, hi-tech agriculture, processing industry, especially deep processing, and that some policies of the organizations have not been pursued in a timely and effective manner.


In order to carry out the Program effectively in the coming time, the provincial Standing Party Committee has asked levels of Party Committees, the staff of Party Committees, unions, and concerned agencies and units to continue fully and seriously grasping the Party and the State’s guidelines and policies on the significance, objectives and importance of the “One Commune – One Product” Program; promote the dissemination of propaganda information to help to raise the awareness of officials, Party members and people of the Program; simultaneously focus on leadership and directions to improve the National “One Commune – One Product” Program and meet development requirements, especially on increasing heads or leaders’ role and responsibility; pay attention to reviewing the products with advantages and enormous market demand, which is based on to expand production capacity and set orientations to create the products meeting the “One Commune – One Product” Program requirements; boost trade promotion and build the image of the “One Commune – One Product” Program products, which ensure high quality, satisfy food safety and hygiene requirements and are environmentally-friendly; establish links and joint ventures between producers and the businesses that purchase, process and consume products; help to build and develop trademarks, brands, and geographical indications, and improve product designs and models, and so on; enhance the application of science and technology advances, especially the agricultural technology applications 4.0 to create the goods and services for the “One Commune – One Product” Program; and choose science and technology as the key to create a breakthrough, improve quality, and be associated with brand building.


Secretary of Dong Nai Provincial Party Committee Nguyen Phu Cuong is visiting a booth that displays Dong Nai province’s agricultural specialties


Previously, on June 5, 2019 the People’s Committee of Dong Nai province issued Decision no. 1698/QD-UBND on the approval of the National “One Commune – One Product” Program in Dong Nai province in the period of 2019-2025 with orientations until 2035 ”(Dong Nai’s One Commune – One Product Program)


Accordingly, the overall goal of Dong Nai’s “One Commune – One Product” Program is to contribute to making a lot of high-quality goods and products with the specific characteristics and advantages of each region and each commune and meeting the province’s consumption demand and then export needs, thereby promoting creativity, improving people’s production and business capacity, establishing links for developing a sustainable community economy, contributing to implementing the 3rd content of the New Countryside Construction Program as a product consumer for farmers, and helping rural areas to deal with the vital issues towards solutions for reducing poverty, creating jobs and increasing farmers’ income.


The specific objectives of the Program in the period of 2019-2020 are to achieve the target of more than 12 existing products with 3 stars or more, and more than 3 existing products with 5 provincial-level stars; complete 100% of businesses and cooperatives that are involved in the “One Commune – One Product” Program; build and carry out the projects that exploit the strengths of agriculture associated with the province’s tourism such as agricultural products, fisheries and handicrafts (5 projects); build and implement the start-up projects of the province’s “One Commune – One Product” Program (2 projects); and so on.


In the period of 2021-2025, the number of existing products with 3 stars or more is 100 products or more; the number of existing products with 5 provincial-level stars at the provincial level is 15 products or more; the number of products with 5 national-level stars is 8 or more. Also, it is necessary to develop the new products with about 60 products with 3 stars or more, focus on diversifying and deep-processing products according to the key product chains at the district and provincial levels and other “strong point” products.


Duy Minh (Le Van)


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