hiepphuoc : Socio – economic potentials Xã An Viễn huyện Trảng Bom

 Socio-economic potentials


1. Labor resources:

- Population, laborers and employment:

+ The commune’s population is 36,105 people and 5,959 households including 4,289 households of permanent residency, 1,970 households of temporary residency, and 4,408 people/square km in residential areas. The current population growth rate is 2.84% including 2% of natural increase rate and 0.84% of mechanical increase rate. People live in all 5 hamlets of the commune and are mainly concentrated in hamlet 3 and 4 with the population accounting for nearly 70% of the commune’s population.


+ Religion: there are 2 main religions: Buddhism and Caodaism

+ Ethnic minority groups: most people are the Kinh, approximately 36,068 people, accounting for 99.9%, and other ethnic groups are 37 people, accounting for 0.1%.

- The total number of the commune’s laborers is 25,018, accounting for 69.2% of the commune’s population. Particularly:

+ Agricultural laborers: 1,876 people, accounting for 6.6%.

+ Non-agricultural laborers: 23,142 people, accounting for 93.4%.

Most people live on industry, and trade and services, and most of laborers work in Nhon Trach industrial parks I, II, III and V.


Residential life:

    + Housing: the total number of houses in the commune is 5,877.



- Concrete houses: 735, accounting for 12.5%.

- Half-concrete houses: 5,142, accounting for 87.5%.

- The average area of a ​​residential land lot: 280 sqm/household.

- The average construction area: 120 sqm/household.

- Family income and living standard:


The average income reaches 1,980 USD, equivalent to VND41.5 million/person/ year and about VND3.5 million/person/month. The income is specifically analyzed and evaluated as follows:

+ The number of high-income households: 992/4,289 households, accounting for 23.1%.

+ The number of good-income households: 2,328/4,289 households, accounting for 54.3%.

+ The number of average-income households: 928/4,289 households, accounting for 21.7%.

+ The number of low-income households: 41/4,289 households, accounting for 0.9%.

(Data of the permanent residents in late 2013)


2. Communications:

The reality of the commune’s communications: there are 3 cultural post offices in the commune, and 14 Internet service points; the radio network covers all 5 hamlets; the commune has 1,778 landline subscribers, 1,856 post-paid mobile subscribers and 18,900 pre-paid mobile subscribers.


3. Transport:

The national highways and provincial roads run through the commune:

Hiep Phuoc commune has two main transport axes: Ton Duc Thang street (Provincial Road 25B), Hung Vuong Street (Communal Road 19) run through the commune with a total length of 22.6 km with an asphalted concrete road surface and a high density of traffic. Also, Ton Duc Thang and Hung Vuong streets are the two main roads that are expected to be expanded with the width of 80 m and 40 m and that connect the roads to Long Thanh international airport and Ho Chi Minh city - Long Thanh – Day Giay expressway.


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