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Has The End Of The Banana Arrived? (2014-06-04 11:02:30)
Two weeks ago, at a conference in South Africa, scientists met to discuss how to contain a deadly banana disease outbreak in nearby Mozambique, Africa. At fault was a fungus that continues its march around the planet. In recent years, it has spread across Asia and Australia, devastating plants there that bear the signature yellow supermarket fruit. Next view
Six legs tasty: First edible insect farm opens in US (2014-05-27 16:50:25)
A twitching mass of European house crickets clings to a maze of meshed cardboard in a tent about the size of a minivan. They are inside their new home, an abandoned warehouse in Youngstown, Ohio, where they will prosper until being killed, ground into "flour" and baked into cookies and tortilla chips. Next view
Origami-like mini-greenhouse lets urbanites grow their own microgreens (2014-05-23 09:54:17)
Once thought of as an urban hippy fad, the concept of growing produce in the inner-city has started to become more of an accepted idea. Not only does it give urban gardeners the chance to get in touch with their inner farmer, but it also helps supplement the vegetable portion of the daily diet. For Infarm, the idea of grow-your-own comes in the form of a small, origami-like greenhouse, specifically designed to grow tiny baby greens known as microgreens. Next view
Toshiba expands to food production with indoor vegetable factory (2014-05-22 14:39:45)
Looking to take a bite out of the Japanese food market, electronics giant Toshiba has announced plans to construct a vegetable production factory in the city of Yokosuka. The factory will use tightly controlled air and lighting systems to optimize conditions for indoor plant growth, the company expecting the resulting assortment of greens to yield JPY300 million (around US$3,000,000) in annual sales. Next view
How your ancestors' farms shaped your thinking (2014-05-15 16:47:35)
It is a cliché to say that East Asians think in terms of the group, while Westerners think in terms of the individual. But there is some truth to it, and part of the explanation may lie in what our ancestors ate. Rice farming seems to have fostered collective thinking while wheat farming favoured individualism. Next view
Plants send out signals attracting harmful bacteria, MU study finds (2014-05-04 08:58:02)
Findings could lead to natural bacterial anti-infectives in food-producing plants Next view
Food Wars Could Rage by 2050 (2014-04-26 11:36:07)
Within a few more decades, dire food shortages may lead to global-scale conflict, warned a top plant scientist in the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). There may not be enough land, water and energy to sustain the potential 9 billion people who are projected to share the Earth by 2050. Next view
Predicting bioavailable cadmium levels in soils (2014-04-19 10:27:47)
New Zealand study shows soil pH and iron levels predict cadmium bioavailability Next view
Drought hormones measured (2014-04-19 10:23:38)
Floods and droughts are increasingly in the news, and climate experts say their frequency will only go up in the future. As such, it is crucial for scientists to learn more about how these extreme events affect plants in order to prepare for and combat the risks to food security that could result. Next view
Rising demand for herbal medicine can increase cultivation of medicinal trees (2014-04-16 16:56:23)
Formalizing trade in herbal medicinal products has the potential to increase the demand for on-farm grown raw material and raise the level of cultivation of medicinal tree species in smallholder farms. Next view

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