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Silicon pill beams back body's response to medicines (2014-06-04 11:06:32)
TIME to take your electric meds. Sensors could come embedded in the pills in your next prescription, watching whether you take your medication on time and tracking your body's response to the drugs. Next view
Supercomputers used to model disaster scenarios (2014-06-03 15:26:12)
Undergraduate students from the School of Computer Science at Bangor University will be using supercomputers to run programmes that can predict how lethal disease might spread, or how people are likely to react in a disaster. Next view
Microsoft unveils Skype Translator to break down language barriers (2014-05-30 11:17:53)
Not content with enabling free, cross-continental video conversations, Microsoft has now moved to break down language barriers and make conversing with our international friends even more convenient. The company has unveiled Skype Translator, an application for its chat software that translates speech between different languages in (almost) real time. Next view
Scientists from CERN and MIT launch encrypted email service (2014-05-30 09:45:37)
The privacy of the data that we put online has been a hot topic over the last year. In order to protect against unwanted snooping, a group of scientists has created a new secure email service. ProtonMail provides end-to-end encryption, meaning that even the company itself can't even see the content of your messages. Next view
Huawei achieves 10 Gbps Wi-Fi data transfer rate (2014-05-30 08:35:21)
In the unending march towards faster connection speeds, another benchmark has been surpassed. Huawei claims it has "achieved the industry’s first 10 Gbps Wi-Fi service in laboratory trials." The firm says the achievement paves the way for the next generation of commercially-available Wi-Fi. Next view
Using thoughts to control airplanes (2014-05-29 15:40:48)
Pilots of the future could be able to control their aircraft by merely thinking commands. Scientists at the Institute of Flight System Dynamics of the Technische Universität München have now demonstrated the feasibility of flying via brain control—with astonishing accuracy. Next view
The Days of Fast Internet For All May Be Over (2014-05-27 09:33:57)
The Federal Communications Commission on Thursday moved forward with new regulations regarding so-called net neutrality, a ruling that could have far-reaching implications on how content is delivered over the Internet and how much consumers pay to have that content delivered. Next view
15-year-old wins Intel prize for software that detects cancer-causing genes (2014-05-26 09:22:40)
Intel has announced the winners of its 2014 International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF). According to Intel, the contest is the world's largest high school science research competition. The top prize went to 15-year-old Nathan Han for his software that studies the mutations of a gene linked to breast cancer. Next view
Sony's new magnetic tape technology enables 185 TB cartridges (2014-05-14 11:51:07)
One of the joys of old science fiction movies is watching the giant reel-to-reel tape drives spin around as they serve computers less powerful than a modern wristwatch. But magnetic tape isn't just something found in old UFO episodes; it’s a key component in modern digital systems required to keep modern online systems reliable. Next view
New Google Chrome extension lets you copy and delete text in images (2014-05-05 16:48:44)
It's generally just accepted that text embedded in images on the Web is inaccessible. Because images are rendered as a single layer, that's just the way it is ... or was, because a new extension for Google Chrome called Project Naptha now allows users to highlight and copy text from within images. Next view

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