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 Fundamental Sciences

Skinny wormholes could send messages through time (2014-05-27 15:53:23)
Like some bizarre form of optical fibre, a long, thin wormhole might let you send messages through time using pulses of light. Next view
Immune cells to be tested on the International Space Station (2014-04-23 16:46:28)
The human body is fine-tuned to Earth's gravity. Scientists are now conducting an experiment on the International Space Station (ISS) to study whether this also applies to human cells. We know the effect of gravity on muscles, bones and joints inside out; it has been studied extensively in medicine for centuries. For a long time, however, exactly how gravity affects the cells remained a mystery. Next view
Bacterial immune system has a better memory than expected (2014-04-19 18:03:25)
Bacteria's memories of hostile viruses are stronger than thought. Even when the intruders change their DNA sequence, the immune system of bacteria can recognise these and subsequently destroy them. That is the conclusion of NWO Vidi researcher Stan Brouns in the journal PNAS. Next view
Building 'smart' cell-based therapies (2014-04-19 08:59:03)
A Northwestern University synthetic biology team has created a new technology for modifying human cells to create programmable therapeutics that could travel the body and selectively target cancer and other sites of disease. Next view
Deadly H5N1 bird flu needs just five mutations to spread easily in people (2014-04-17 14:45:35)
It's a flu virus so deadly that scientists once halted research on the disease because governments feared it might be used by terrorists to stage a biological attack. Next view
Hair from infants gives clues about their life in the womb (2014-04-16 14:52:33)
Like rings of a tree, hair can reveal a lot of information about the past. It can tell if a person recently used drugs or an athlete was doping. It can provide information about hormones and expose environmental toxins. Next view
Bacterial 'FM radio' developed (2014-04-10 19:32:43)
Programming living cells offers the prospect of harnessing sophisticated biological machinery for transformative applications in energy, agriculture, water remediation and medicine. Inspired by engineering, researchers in the emerging field of synthetic biology have designed a tool box of small genetic components that act as intracellular switches, logic gates, counters and oscillators. Next view
Thousands of unknown antigens identified (2014-03-24 16:43:54)
Researchers of Utrecht University, Intravacc and the National Institute of Public Health and Environmental Protection used a new method to identify hitherto unknown peptide antigens. This type of antigen had long been searched for, as they may be the starting points for new vaccines and cancer immunotherapy. The results of their research were published in PNAS last week. Next view
Emergency alert in the cell (2014-03-18 18:43:49)
After a natural disaster like a big fire, countless helpers work together to get rid of debris, to build temporary shelters and to provide food for people in need. When a cell is exposed to dangerous environmental conditions such as high temperatures or toxic substances, a quite similar process is initiated: the cellular stress response, also called heat shock response. Together with colleagues from the Technical University of Dresden, scientists of the Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry in Munich-Martinsried could uncover an entire network of cellular helpers and thus identify new regulatory mechanisms of this stress response. Next view
Bending the light with a tiny chip (2014-03-18 18:41:57)
( —Imagine that you are in a meeting with coworkers or at a gathering of friends. You pull out your cell phone to show a presentation or a video on YouTube. But you don't use the tiny screen; your phone projects a bright, clear image onto a wall or a big screen. Such a technology may be on its way, thanks to a new light-bending silicon chip developed by researchers at Caltech. Next view

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