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Novel forensic technique identifies people by their hair (2014-05-31 11:18:57)
If you watch any cop shows, then you know that a person's race and gender can be determined by doing a DNA analysis of one of their hairs. Now, however, Canadian scientists at Queen's University have developed a method of obtaining that same information from hair samples, that's quicker than DNA testing and is 100 percent accurate. Next view
Indian election win threatens biggest biometrics bank (2014-05-27 16:00:39)
A schoolgirl arriving for class presses her thumb against a fingerprint scanner, verifying her presence. Since April, this has been the scene at a handful of schools in the state of Jharkhand in eastern India. There, the attendance of students and teachers has been tracked using biometrics that are linked with India's huge national database, Aadhaar. It is the world's largest biometrics database, but now it is under threat. Next view
People more likely to choose a spouse with similar DNA, research shows (2014-05-27 12:02:19)
Individuals are more genetically similar to their spouses than they are to randomly selected individuals from the same population, according to a new study from the University of Colorado Boulder. Next view
Red lettuce and dinosaur germs head to space station (2014-05-12 16:56:43)
Dragon has once again spread its wings. Today commercial spaceflight firm SpaceX successfully launched its third cargo mission to the International Space Station (ISS), sending a Dragon capsule loaded with just over 2 tonnes of supplies and science experiments. Next view
New study suggests a better way to deal with bad memories (2014-04-20 14:53:34)
(Medical Xpress)—What's one of your worst memories? How did it make you feel? According to psychologists, remembering the emotions felt during a negative personal experience, such as how sad you were or how embarrassed you felt, can lead to emotional distress, especially when you can't stop thinking about it. Next view
Humans can distinguish at least one trillion different odors, study shows (2014-03-31 16:42:02)
In a world perfumed by freshly popped popcorn and exhaust fumes, where sea breezes can mingle with the scents of sweet flowers or wet paint, new research has found that humans are capable of discriminating at least one trillion different odors. Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) scientists determined that our sense of smell is prepared to recognize this vast olfactory palette after testing individuals' ability to recognize differences between complex odors mixed in the laboratory. Next view
"Good" gut microbes revealed as the key to dark chocolate's health benefits (2014-03-25 10:01:05)
It has long been known that eating chocolate, particularly dark chocolate, has numerous health benefits. Although various studies have backed this up, the exact reason as to why this is so has remained a mystery. Now researchers from Louisiana State University have provided the answer – gut microbes. Next view
7 Reasons Vegetarians Live Longer (2014-03-25 07:49:34)
There’s nothing wrong with eating meat if you’re doing so in moderation (I for one, will never give up the occasional cheeseburger), but research does show that vegetarians tend to be healthier overall, and even live longer. Next view
Your voice betrays your personality in a split second (2014-03-18 16:43:53)
You had me at "Hello"! It turns out our opening words speak volumes – people take less than a second to form an impression of someone's personality based on their voice alone. Next view
Humans have a poor memory for sound (2014-03-11 07:45:05)
Researchers at the University of Iowa have found that when it comes to memory, we don't remember things we hear nearly as well as things we see or touch. Next view

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