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How to erase a memory –- and restore it: Researchers reactivate memories in rats (2014-06-03 16:35:37)
Researchers at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine have erased and reactivated memories in rats, profoundly altering the animals' reaction to past events. Next view
New technique helps identify proteins involved in immune response (2014-06-03 15:27:22)
( —A new technique developed at the University of Cambridge allows researchers to identify clusters of proteins on immune cells which are key to fighting off the body's invaders. Next view
Immune-boosting drug shows promise against lung cancer (2014-06-02 11:14:45)
Cancer has one less place to hide. A drug that stops tumours camouflaging themselves from the immune system appears to significantly boost survival rates in people with a form of lung cancer that is almost incurable unless removed surgically before it spreads. Some people who received the drug have seen their tumours disappear completely. Next view
Low-power laser triggers stem cells to repair teeth (2014-05-30 17:21:26)
Ranking among the X-Men probably isn't all that it's cracked up to be, but who wouldn't want their uncanny ability to regenerate lost bone or tissue? New research into tooth repair and stem cell biology, from a cross-institution team led by David Mooney of Harvard's Wyss Institute, may bring such regeneration one step closer to reality – or at the very least, give us hope that we can throw away those nasty dentures. Next view
Lifespan boost for mice that feel less pain (2014-05-30 10:07:14)
No pain, lifespan gain? Mice lacking a type of pain receptor live significantly longer than other mice and have a more youthful metabolism. The finding hints at new targets for efforts to improve metabolic health and longevity in humans. Next view
"Heart disease-on-a-chip" could usher in an age of personalized medicine (2014-05-30 09:59:57)
When we've previously heard about "organs on a chip," they've been miniature recreations of healthy organs. If they're being used for research into the treatment of health problems, however, then it only makes sense that those "organs" should have something wrong with them. With that in mind, a group of Harvard scientists have created the world's first lab-grown sample of functioning human heart tissue that has a cardiovascular disease. Next view
Human stem cell treatment gets mice with MS-like condition walking again (2014-05-29 11:17:50)
When scientists at the University of Utah injected human stem cells into mice disabled by a condition similar to multiple sclerosis, they expected the cells to be rejected by the animals' bodies. It turned out that the cells were indeed rejected, but not before they got the mice walking again. The unexpected finding could have major implications for human MS sufferers. Next view
"T-rays" could lead to safer medical imaging (2014-05-28 15:09:28)
Researchers at the University of Michigan have found a way to accurately detect electromagnetic waves in the terahertz range by first converting them into sound. The advance opens up new applications ranging from tighter airport security to safer medical imaging. Next view
Iodine deficiency common in pregnancy, pediatricians warn (2014-05-27 16:26:30)
(HealthDay)—Many pregnant and breast-feeding women are deficient in iodine and should take a daily supplement containing iodide, according to a leading group of pediatricians. Next view
Researchers find MS drug erases painful memories in mice (2014-05-27 16:25:08)
(Medical Xpress)—A team of researchers working at Virginia Commonwealth University in the U.S. has found that giving fingolimod, a drug normally used to treat Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in people, to mice, caused them to lose memories they held of a recent painful event. In their paper published in Nature Neuroscience, the researchers describe their experiments and what their findings suggest for the treatment of PTSD in humans. Next view

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