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Emu-style birds have abandoned flight six times (2014-05-30 10:12:37)
Huge flightless birds like emus and moas may look alike, but their genes now tell us they are only distantly related. Ancient DNA reveals that birds lost the ability to fly on six separate occasions within 10 million years. It seems the extinction of the dinosaurs created a brief window for big ground-dwelling birds, before large mammals evolved. Next view
Plants with dormant seeds give rise to more species (2014-04-23 16:48:10)
Seeds that sprout as soon as they're planted may be good news for a garden. But in the wild, a plant whose seeds sprouted at the first warm spell or rainy day would risk disaster. More than just an insurance policy against late frosts or unexpected dry spells, it turns out that seed dormancy has long-term advantages too: plants whose seeds put off sprouting until conditions are more certain give rise to more species. Next view
7 Insects You'll Be Eating in the Future (2014-03-18 19:00:18)
As the human population continues to inch closer to 8 billion people, feeding all those hungry mouths will become increasingly difficult. A growing number of experts claim that people will soon have no choice but to consume insects. Next view
Plants convert energy at lightning speed (2014-03-11 07:43:24)
A new way of measuring how much light a plant can tolerate could be useful in growing crops resilient to a changing climate, according to scientists from Queen Mary University of London. Next view
This African Fish Can Catch and Eat Flying Birds (2014-01-14 09:18:50)
There were rumors that the African tiger fish could catch and eat flying birds, but it hadn't been proven until now. Next view
Perfection is a myth, show 50,000 bacterial generations (2013-12-06 14:12:50)
When it comes to evolution, there is no such thing as perfection. Even in the simple, unchanging environment of a laboratory flask, bacteria never stop making small tweaks to improve their fitness. Next view
FYI: Which Came First, The Chicken Or The Egg? (2013-10-09 09:26:24)
Short answer: the egg. Next view
At Least 100 African Elephants Killed By Cyanide Poisoning (2013-10-01 15:18:58)
Poachers have devised a sinister and cowardly way of killing African elephants: They are poisoning them with cyanide. Next view
Scientists Discover New Bat Species in West Africa (2013-09-04 17:51:39)
An international team of scientists, including biologists from, the University of York, has discovered five new species of bats in West Africa. Next view
First Estimate of Total Viruses in Mammals (2013-09-04 11:04:52)
Scientists estimate that there is a minimum of 320,000 viruses in mammals awaiting discovery. Collecting evidence of these viruses, or even a majority of them, they say, could provide information critical to early detection and mitigation of disease outbreaks in humans. This undertaking would cost approximately $6.3 billion, or $1.4 billion if limited to 85% of total viral diversity -- a fraction of the economic impact of a major pandemic like SARS. Next view

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