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Chile Promises a Potential Export Market (2014-08-03 15:27:38)
On August 1 the Department of Industry and Trade held a seminar entitled “FTA between Vietnam and Chile and chances for enterprises to boost their exports.” The seminar was attended by Chilean Deputy Ambassador to Vietnam Alvaro Guzman, Head of Department of America under the Department of Industry and Trade and representatives of export businesses operating in various fields. Next view
Low Increase in Retail Sales (2014-06-18 09:41:45)
In the first 6 months of 2014, the estimated total retail sales reached VND53.6 trillion, a 12.6-percent increase over the same period (a 13.6-percent increase in the first 6 months of 2013). Next view
Exports of the First 6 Months of the Year Attained US$6 billion (2014-06-18 09:37:41)
The estimated export turnover of the first 6 months in 2014 attained US$6,053 million, up 15.8 percent over the same period (that of the first 6 months in 2013 increased by 4 percent). The export turnover increased mainly in those sectors that are pretty stable and with increased orders like garments, textiles, footwear, chemicals and processed food. Next view
More than 600 Businesses Attended the Talk over the Tax Policy in 2014 (2014-06-13 07:42:09)
June 12, the Tax Department of Dong Nai collaborated with Vaco Auditing Company Limited in holding a talk on the tax policy in 2014 and a question and answer session for the corporate tax related problems, attracting the participation of more than 600 enterprises. Next view
The Steering Committee for Cashew Sustainable Development Introduced (2014-06-12 14:51:51)
On June 12 at Dong Nai took place the meeting to work out solutions for the development of cashew production and introduce the Steering Committee for Cashew Sustainable Development (SCCSD). The meeting, co-organized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) and the Provincial People's Committee (PPC), was attended by MARD Vice Minister Le Quoc Doanh; PPC Vice Chairman Vo Van Chanh; leaders of MARD’s agencies; representatives of departments of agriculture and rural development in the southern region; scientists from Institutes and schools; cashew manufacturing and processing enterprises under the Vietnam Cashew Association; and excellent cashew growers from provinces. Next view
Mushroom’s Price Decreases (2014-06-12 10:39:54)
According to Nguyen Quang Hoe, Director of Long Khanh Cooperative for Agriculture, Handicraft and Service, which produces various kinds of fungi, especially wood ear, mushrooms growers are starting on a new season. His Cooperative, he said, produces about between 12-15 thousand bags of growing mushrooms. However, their price has decreased by 5 percent compared to the season in late 2013. Next view
Bien Hoa will Have a Large Urban-Service-Commercial Area (2014-06-12 10:34:59)
On June 10, Vice Chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee (PPC) Tran Minh Phuc chaired a meeting on the acceleration of the working progress of the “Transformation of Bien Hoa 1 Industrial Zone into the Urban-Service-Commercial Area” project. Next view
Food Prices on the Rise (2014-06-10 16:30:28)
The prices of many fresh food items have been rising for over a month. Particularly, pork prices have shown the biggest increase by VND5,000 to VND10,000 per kg. Next view
The First Phase of Periodical Vaccination for Cattle and Poultry in 2014 Achieved Pretty Good Results (2014-06-10 14:52:21)
According to the provincial Veterinary Department, the first phase of the periodical vaccination for cattle and poultry in 2014 achieved pretty good results. In particular, avian influenza vaccine for chicken and ducks accounted for 97 percent and 90.4 percent, respectively and cholera and blue ear pig vaccine reached 94 percent. Next view
200 Livestock Facilities Certified to Be Free of Diseases (2014-06-10 09:33:47)
According to the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, up to now 200 livestock facilities including 103 chicken farms and 97 pig ones have been certified to be free of diseases by the Veterinary Department at the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. Next view

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