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Dong Nai has 54 cooperatives in the transport sector Update 30-07-2019 09:04
According to the provincial Cooperative Alliance, Dong Nai now has 54 cooperative units operating in the transport sector. Particularly, 49 cooperatives are licensed for transport business and 5 cooperative branches. The total charter capital of these units is nearly VND136 billion.

In particular, the total number of cars under cooperatives’ management is more than 35,700 thousand units and these cooperatives has a membership of nearly 10,000 and it has brought jobs to nearly 19,500 laborers.


The cooperatives mainly operate in the field of transporting goods and passengers by roads such as transporting agricultural products, students and workers in industrial parks through fixed bus routes in the province and inter-province routes, and so on.


Also, some transport cooperatives have actively piloted high-quality and friendly bus routes for passengers and then this model will be replicated throughout the province.


Duy Minh (Dieu Linh)


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