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Long Thanh focuses on exploiting the potential of tourism development Update 22-04-2019 09:15
Developing tourism is now a common trend as the target of the future green and sustainable development, which is selected by a lot of localities. Though Dong Nai is not a province with a lot of advantages to develop marine tourism but it has many advantages in ecotourism, forest tourism, and so on.

Ecotourism development is combined with “return to root” trips


The People’s Committee of Long Thanh district has just approved of land planning for 7 priority projects for the development of local eco-tourism and garden tourism.


As planned, Long Thanh district will build an ecological tourist attraction of An Vieng on an area of ​​60 ha in Binh An commune; Loc An lake eco-tourism attraction on an area of ​​64 ha in Loc An commune; My Tai eco-tourism attraction on an area of ​​15.5 ha in Phuoc Binh commune; Hoang Gia Bao ecotourism and entertainment attraction on an area of ​​21.4 ha in Long An commune; Southeastern region ecotourism attraction and resort on an area of 12.3 ha in Long Phuoc commune; the tourist attraction along Cau Moi lake on an area of 227 ha including 50 ha of lake in Cam Duong and Bau Can communes. Particularly, the investment into Long Thanh mangrove ecotourism project has been assigned to Long Thanh Protection Forest Management.


In addition to taking an advantage of natural ecotourism development, Long Thanh district is also a place with many famous temples, which is a good place for the tours of spiritual tourism, sightseeing temples, finding quiet places to relax, and so on.


Long Thanh district currently has 4 cultural and historical relics whose rankings have been recognized including 1 relic recognized as a national one and 3 others recognized as provincial ones. In addition, there are 181 popular relics with artistic and architectural value ​​and with local folk beliefs that need to be preserved and promoted in terms of cultural and historical value.


It is necessary to open river eco-tourism tours


According to the planning that Long Thanh district aims to, the district will make tourism a key economic sector in the future. The People’s Committee of Long Thanh district said that it would focus on exploiting potential; diversifying tourism products; creating local tourism products associated with localities and based on clean agricultural strengths; helping agriculture and tourism to develop in a sustainable way.


Duy Minh (Dieu Linh)


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