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Long Thanh is accelerating economic development Update 22-04-2019 09:11
Long Thanh district’s economy is making great progress, gaining a lot of positive results, and making important contributions to the local State budget.

Long Thanh has achieved a lot of important results in its foreign investment attraction


In 2018, Long Thanh district achieved 52 out of 54 socio-economic targets, including 37 targets exceeding those set in the district’s resolution early this year.


The highlight of the district’s socio-economic development is its industrial production growth in 2018, which is quite good compared to the same period last year thanks to the businesses that have stable consumption markets of products and orders. One of the major factors to achieve this is that the district has taken an initiative to organize 2 conferences to meet local businesses, thereby grasping people’s situations, thoughts, and aspirations; timeliness deal with obstacles and difficulties and promote production development.


The production value of the entire industry and construction sector is estimated at VND79,763 billion compared to 100.31% of the plan, rising by 15.9% compared to 2017. In particular, the industrial production value (including state-owned, non-state-owned and foreign-invested businesses) reached VND76,786 billion. The industrial production sector of Long Thanh district has continued to witness strong development steps and made great export value and contributions to the state budget.


Production activities have seen a lot of positive changes


In 2018, Long Thanh district attracted 16 domestic investment projects with a total capital of nearly VND3,000 trillion VND and US$560.8 million of FDI in 35 projects with a total capital of 560, 8 million USD. The number of newly- established enterprises in the district in 2018 was 319 and 162 affiliated units with a total capital of over VND2.7 trillion.


Long Thanh continues to be a locality with a lot of advantages to attract both domestic and foreign investors. At present, Long Thanh International Airport project is a concern of not only Long Thanh district but also of people, especially the investors all over the country. Currently, the project is accelerating progress of dealing with the procedures related to land acquisition, residential resettlement, and site clearance to get ready for the official construction.


In 2019, Long Thanh district set a goal to bring out the production value for the entire industry and construction, rising by 15.5-16%. The total retail sales of goods and service revenues increased from 21 to 22% and the production value of agriculture - forestry - fishery increased by 3%.


The successful completion of the major goals in 2019 is very significant, especially the attempt to collect revenues and exceed the provincial budget targets. In the field of education and training, the district will strive to have 100% of its teachers of all grades achieve pedagogical standards as prescribed.


Also, the district will continue building a national standard school and striving to have 1 to 2 more national standard schools to bring the total number of national standard schools up to 23-24 schools among the total number of 61 schools at present in late 2019. Concerning labor and employment, the district has set the target of creating jobs for 5,000 workers; and training and offering vocational training to 1,700 people to increase the rate of trained workers to 75% and reduce the rate of poor households to 0.25% of the total number of households in the district.


In order to continue improving the development of the economy, in 2019 the district will focus on drastically improving business investment environment; improving labor productivity; promoting the effective implementation of the breakthrough tasks such as economic restructure, administrative reform, science and technology development, tourism development and good implementation of social security policies, and human resource training, especially high quality human resources.


Duy Minh (Dieu Linh)


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