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 Socio-economic reality



Bau Sen’s industrial production and small industry - handicrafts have increased slowly compared to its overall situation. There is 1 company producing micro-biological fertilizer, 1 wood business, 1 paper and package processing business, 2 pepper processing facilities and 1 sawmill factory in Bau Sen, which have contributed to generating local jobs.



Bau sen has the agricultural area of 1,184.7 ha and most of its agricultural land area is planted with such crops as cashew, pepper, coffee, durians, rambutans, mangosteens, and so on.

For the raising of cattle and poultry in Bau Sen, herds have still been maintained and continued to developing towards industry and expansion of farm scales, and focusing on having cage and farm cleaning mechanized, strengthening animal quarantine and strictly controlling slaughtering and transport of cattle and poultry.



Bau Sen’s services and commercial activities have basically met people’s consumption demand for goods and services with stable purchasing and selling power. Up to now, there have been 105 production facilities and businesses.



Bau Sen had two schools that met requirements for a national school in late 2017: Bau Sen primary school and Hoa Sen kindergarten.


* The number of teachers according to school levels:

- Bau Sen primary school: 19 teachers.

- Hoa Sen kindergarten: 23 teachers (including 11 pre-school teachers and 22 kindergarten teachers).

* The number of students according school levels:

- Bau Sen primary school:

+ Grade 1: 73 students.

+ Grade 2: 55 students.

+ Grade 3: 79 students.

+ Grade 4: 56 students.

+ Grade 5: 62 students.


- Hoa Sen kindergarten:

+ Pre-school: 121 children.

+ Kindergarten: 185 children.



The number of medical staff in Bau Sen’s medical station: 7 people.

+ Doctor: 1

+ Physician: 1

+ Pharmacist: 1

+ Nurse: 2

+ Midwife: 1

+ Population staff: 1


The information on Bau Sen’s medical station: the unit has met all national medical requirements since 2014.

Bau Sen’s medical station has been active to maintain a permanent regime at the station, provide medical examination and treatment, always improve the medical staff’s workmanship and attitude to patients, the quality of medical examination and the quality of medical examination and treatment has been increased.

Besides, Bau Sen’s medical station has been fully equipped with basic medical equipment and instruments to ensure medical examination and treatment go smoothly as usual, thereby increasing the number of people coming to the station for checkup and treatment compared to the previous year.



+ The information on Bau Sen’s cultural house: Bau Sen has a culture, sports and community learning center, 3/3 cultural houses in hamlets together with science and technology information points to regularly help maintain activities in response to local residents’ demand for enjoying cultural value.

+ Cultural activities:

- Bau Sen disseminates the propaganda and education information on the Party’s guidelines and policies and the State’s laws as well.

- Bau Sen participates in cultural and musical exchange activities, art performances, physical and sporty competitions inside and outside the locality; builds bookcases for people from all walks of life; maintains reading activities effectively; gives counseling on how to encourage learning and education among people’s children to combat social evils.