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The adjustment of the administrative boundary of Long Thanh district announced Update 21-01-2020 04:16
Long Thanh district has cooperated with the provincial People’s Committee in holding the announcement ceremony of the Resolution of the National Assembly Standing Committee on the establishment, dissolution and adjustment of the administrative boundary of some communal units of the district. This is an important step to for the site clearance of the Long Thanh International Airport project.

Accordingly, Suoi Trau commune was dissolved and merged into Binh Son communes. Specifically, some hamlets of other affected communes were also merged into Binh Son to build a new Binh Son commune. During this  period of administrative boundary adjustment, Suoi Trau commune with an area of​​about 1,400 hectares and with more than 2,000 households (more than 5,800 people) of 3 hamlets located within the project area will lose its name on the map. For many years, due to the airport planning, locals’ lives have been faced up with a lot of difficulties and hardship and they have had to live with a waiting mind for the commune’s dissolution, which has badly affected their construction, life and economic activities. Therefore, for Suoi Trau commune’s people the removal of their commune’s name on the map to become citizens of another commune with a new name is also something happy. A lot of people in the commune said: “The information on planning had been announced for a long time and many delegations of the province and the central government had come for their working sessions. However, this information has just reached people in communes and hamlets. The fact that households of Suoi Trau commune are going to become the citizens of Binh Son commune comes with both sadness and happiness among locals. Locals are sad as this name has gone together with them for ten years but will be removed. However, locals feel great because the project has finally been carried out and they are ready to be moved to a new resettlement place. For the leadership of local authorities, in addition to how to help people to resettle it is essential to adjust the job positions of dozens of officials of the commune after the commune is dissolved or merged. Therefore, the most important thing is to stabilize these people’s mind after they are moved to the new commune.


The adjustment of administrative boundaries for the Long Thanh Airport project


Besides Suoi Trau commune, some other communes will cut off part of the affected land due to the construction of the airport for the merger into Binh Son commune. Specifically, Cam Duong commune had a larger adjustment of 1,900 ha but it is now adjusted to more than 1,540 ha; Long An commune from nearly 3,400 hectares to over 2,700 hectares; Long Phuoc commune from over 4,000 hectares to over 3,740 hectares; Bau Can commune from 4,479 hectares to 4,447 ha. Particularly, Suoi Trau commune will be all cleared because its 1,358 hectares is located inside the Long Thanh International Airport project and 126 ha is merged into hamlet 3, Bau Can commune. After the administrative boundaries in 6 communes are adjusted for the construction of Long Thanh International Airport, Binh Son commune after the adjustment of its area will increase to 7,420 hectares, 5,000 hectares of which is land of the Long Thanh International Airport. The number of hamlets in the commune increase to 17 including 11 old hamlets of the commune and 6 new hamlets merged from other communes.


Specifically, there are Suoi Trau 1, Suoi Trau 2, Suoi Trau 3 hamlets (former Suoi Trau commune), Cam Duong hamlet (adjusted from Cam Duong commune), Long Phuoc hamlet (merged from Long Phuoc commune) and Xa Hoang hamlet (merged from Long An commune). Particularly, the land area and population of Bau Can commune in the project are quite small, so it does not establish a new hamlet but is merged into Suoi Trau 2 hamlet in Binh Son new commune. After the merger, the residents of new hamlets still live there waiting to be resettled. As planned, after the Long Thanh International Airport project comes into operation, the new hamlets mentioned above will automatically be dissolved. The new Binh Son commune will be rebuilt with a communal administrative center, including a headquarters for the People's Council and People's Committee, with a floor area of ​​over 1,100 sqm and one-stop-shop office; the commune’s police headquarters; a Center for Culture, Sports and Community Learning; internal technical infrastructure of administrative area; and clinics.


Currently, Long Thanh district is completing the dossiers submitted to the Department of Planning and Investment, and after papers are approved, the construction bidding will start. Besides, there are some other constructions that need to be built early such as Hamlet 2 Culture House and Hamlet 2 Preschool.


The investment in rebuilding the infrastructure of the new Binh Son commune is conducted to meet the requirements for managing a large area of ​​7,420 hectares (including 5,000 hectares of the airport) and a population of about 25,000 people. All civil servants, officials and non-specialized officers of Suoi Trau commune will be moved to Binh Son commune, and a few others will be arranged to work for neighboring communes according to their wishes.


In addition to the construction of infrastructure and rearrangement of the new Binh Son administrative machinery, the issues related to people’s lives such as papers and documents of people moving from old to new communes will be paid a special attention. At present, the commune’s Public Security Department has prepared human resources ready to issue new identity cards to people and family register to families.


Duy Minh (Dieu Linh)


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