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The Handicrafts Product Creative Contest launched Update 30-07-2019 09:06
The Center for Industrial Promotion and Industrial Development Consultancy at the provincial Department of Industry and Trade has just launched the Handicraft Product Creative Contest 2019.

The Handicraft Product Creative Contest 2019 is for the individuals, collectives and organizations that are operating in the field of handicrafts in Dong Nai province, some other provinces and cities, and the students of the universities inside and outside the province, who are majored in fine arts and design. The products participating in the contest are the handicraft products that are used for decoration and as souvenir or tourism gifts.


The products participating in the contest must show feasibility of being manufactured industrially; bringing out high economic efficiency; expressing creative ideas on utility, design, structure and decoration; and so on.


The period for the products to be submitted to the contest is from May 28 to October 30, 2019 and prizes are worth more than VND90 million.


Duy Minh (Dieu Linh)


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