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 New countryside activities

Long Thanh focuses on exploiting the potential of tourism development (22/04/2019)
Developing tourism is now a common trend as the target of the future green and sustainable development, which is selected by a lot of localities. Though Dong Nai is not a province with a lot of advantages to develop marine tourism but ...
Long Thanh is accelerating economic development (22/04/2019)
Long Thanh district’s economy is making great progress, gaining a lot of positive results, and making important contributions to the local State budget.
Many centralized water supply projects to be completed and put into operati... (22/04/2019)
According to statistics, 100% of the provincial population has been supplied with hygienic water, and 70% of the population is supplied with clean water according to the Ministry of Health’s regulation no. 2.
Transporting pigs and pork products without clear origins banned (22/04/2019)
To enhance the urgent solutions for preventing and controlling the African swine cholera epidemic, Department of Transport has sent documents to transport companies and cooperatives to enhance the prevention and control of the African ...
Cases of dengue fever and hand, foot and mouth disease on the rise (22/04/2019)
In recent years, the level of moisture in the atmosphere has not changed much because the weather is mostly so hot. Dengue fever and hand, foot and mouth disease cases in Dong Nai province are still high and mostly occur in most locali...
A lot of achievements obtained from the new rural construction program (11/01/2019)
After 8 years’ implementation, in December 2018, 3,787 communes in the country (accounting for 42.4%) were recognized to meet requirements for a new rural commune; an average of 14.33 criteria per commune have been met all over the cou...
A lot of achievements in the science and technology program for new rural ... (11/01/2019)
After 5 years’ implementation of the science and technology program for new rural construction, some important results have been achieved and the highlights are the addition and finalization of 7 groups of theoretical bases on industri...
Free checkup and medicine offered to more than 150 people (11/01/2019)
According to the Long Thanh district’s Youth Union, the sub-youth unions of such units as the district’s Military Command, the district’s Public Security, the district’s Economic Bloc, and the youth union of Long Thanh high school have...
Promoting mechanization to reduce losses in agriculture (11/01/2019)
The pproject of “Promoting mechanization and reducing losses in agriculture by 2020 and orientation to 2030 to create a motivation to restructure Dong Nai’s agriculture” was passed by the provincial People’s Committee.
Irrigation contributes to improving agricultural production (11/01/2019)
The unusual development of the weather in recent years has greatly affected agricultural production. Therefore, irrigation continues to face the adverse events of the weather, local droughts, and flooding due to storms in some areas; a...

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