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Improving the application of information technology in the health sector Update 23-06-2020 02:03
The demand for medical examination and treatment has been constantly growing. To gradually reform administrative procedures, aim at smart hospital management, and contribute to reducing overload at hospitals, in the past years Dong Nai General Hospital has accelerated its application of information technology and initially built a comprehensive management model to aim at storing all comprehensive medical examination and treatment data of the hospital.

Applying information technology has brought out a lot of benefits for the medical sector


According to Doctor Phan Huy Anh Vu, Director of Dong Nai General Hospital, in recent years the hospital has focused on researching and applying information technology in electronic prescriptions and medical records and hospital management; building a system of medical diagnosis support to make it public and transparent about pharmaceutical costs; reducing administrative procedures; creating favorable conditions for medical examination and reducing trouble for people and overcrowding at the central-level hospitals.


As medical records are electronically integrated, different doctors can view electronic records to continue their treatment according to the treatment method the patient is following. Doctors’ preveious notes and diagnosis like medicine allergies, complications, and so on can be checked and studied by later doctors to avoid harmful interventions to patients. Thanks to stored data and sometimes with just one patient doctors can discover many interesting things for scientific research and those are really valuable documents and experience for scientific research into medicine. Also, the hospital management information system plays a key role in training, researching and being significant in hospital management.


The applied information technology system will help transfer all the information like testing results, X-ray images, endoscopic results, ultrasound results, general diagnosis results and the treatment process including medical examination, medicine, surgery, hospital fees and so on into structured data, how the data storage is organized in the most efficient way. Especially, thanks to the application of information technology in management, Dong Nai General Hospital has gradually prevented losses more thoroughly, thereby increasing hospital revenues and reducing the number of officials despite the growing workload.


According to the report by Dong Nai General Hospital, the hospital’s two building blocks have nearly 1,000 computers and 20 servers to store data and 350 CCTVs. The information technology from hardware to software has been fully invested in. The hospital’s information technology system is fully integrated from the stage of receiving patients, giving medical examination, preclinical diagnosis, treatment, accounting and finance, salary, and so on. To be convenient and save time as well as be proactive for people, the hospital has introduced online examination registration through the hospital’s e-portal and patients can register for online examination, monitor their health status, or those of their relatives who are under treatment.


According to Mr. Nguyen Van Phi, Head of the Information Technology Division of the hospital, after becoming a satellite hospital of Cho Ray Hospital for the two Specialties of Neuroscience And And General Outpatient the hospital has applied information technology to disease treatment. For telemedicine activities, the hospital has now used online briefings between blocks of buildings. With the wifi system throughout the hospital, computers are connected to the network at a high speed and the hospital’s staff can access the Internet anytime and anywhere for their professional work. Everyone is ready to deploy telemedicine and provide health care for far-away patients through the application of information technology, said Mr. Nguyen Van Phi.


In addition, on the hospital’s portal at, people can register for many convenient services like online medical registration and online hospital-fee payment and refer to the hospital’s health care packages to make it convenient for their selection and meet patients’ demand as well as know the price list of services and make an appointment; and so on.


Applying information technology in hi-tech treatment activities


Director of Dong Nai Department of Health Phan Huy Anh Vu affirmed, applying information technology is a right step that contributes greatly to reducing the hospital’s overload, reducing trouble for patients and improving medical examination and treatment, ensuring every citizen’s fairness in gaining access to health services, and promoting the application of online public services.


At present, the hospital is still continuing its investment and gradually improving the application of information technology in the whole system in which the application will be applied to ensure information security and patients’ privacy according to the hospital’s general planning as well as complying with the State’s policies and laws in accordance with the hospital’s development goals. In addition to investing in developing human resources with information technology skills, the hospital will continue to invest in upgrading and synchronizing its equipment and facilities of the IT infrastructure system.


Duy Minh (An Nhien)


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