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Bringing high technology to grassroots units to reduce the overload on higher-level hospitals and improve lower-level hospitals Update 22-06-2020 03:45
Thanks to its receiving and introducing many new technologies, investing in modern equipment, and improving doctors’ skills, many district and regional hospitals in the province have saved a lot of serious cases in time and take advantage of the golden time because it does not take time to move patients to higher-level hospitals.

Introducing high-tech eye surgery services at district-level hospitals


In recent years, Dinh Quan district General Hospital has made a great impression with its successful surgery for patient Nguyen Van Phu, whose heart was seriously stabbed. After 1 day of surgery, the patient’s biological parameters returned to normal. According to Dr. Ta Quang Tri, Deputy Director of Dinh Quan Regional General Hospital, who is directly involved in emergency surgery, patient Phu was hospitalized with a 3-cm cut into heart. The patient then was drowsy, had a pale skin, sweated, slightly breathed, light pulse that is difficult to catch, and blood pressure of 60/40 mgHg via monitor; meanwhile, it was difficult to hear the patient’s heartbeats lungs were clear. Through diagnosis, doctors identified that the patient was shocked due to blood loss and suffered cardiac tamponade. After resuscitation, testing results showed that the patient suffered pericardial effusion with a right ventricular wound and intercostal artery rupture and that an emergency surgery was needed. A team of surgeons applied positive resuscitation measures in the operating room combined with assisted blood transfusion, myocardial sutures, intercostal artery, left pleural drainage and so on. After nearly 100 minutes of surgery and transfusion of 8 blood units, the patient passed his critical conditions. After surgery, the hospital continued to apply medical support and special care measures to stabilize the patient’s health as well as monitored and prevented possible complications for a patient with a serious heart injury.


Patient Nguyen Manh, aged 53, living in Madagui town, Da Hoai district, Lam Dong province, was rushed to Dinh Quan Regional General Hospital for emergency and he had a slow contact; sweated; had a pale skin, unconsciousness, rapid pulse, low blood pressure, and swollen abdomen, and so on. After their examination, doctors at Dinh Quan Regional General Hospital identified this was a case of severe traumatic shock suspected by a liver rupture. If the patient had been transferred, he would have been at risk of death.


Dr. Ta Quang Tri, Deputy Director of Dinh Quan Regional General Hospital, who directly operated the patient, said that the patient suffered a serious blood loss and had to be transfused with 27 blood units or 9.5 liters of blood. The hospital’s blood reserve was not enough, so it had to mobilize the medical staff’s blood and those who took care of their family members in the hospital that day. After surgery and treatment, the patient recovered and was discharged from the hospital.


Thanks to the implementation of many difficult techniques and being proactive enough to cope with emergency cases, if the golden time is not taken an advantage of, it is difficult for a patient to survive. Therefore, many district hospitals have successfully applied many difficult techniques to help many patients through their critical conditions.


High-tech surgery is carried out at Dinh Quan General Hospital


At district-level hospitals, many high technologies have also received technologies transferred from higher-level hospitals through Project 1816. Ho Chi Minh city Eye Hospital has transferred the technique of cataract surgery by phaco method to the doctors of Dau Giay General Hospital. Under the guidance of a team of doctors from Ho Chi Minh city Eye Hospital, Dau Giay General Hospital performed its surgery for 8 patients in Thong Nhat and Cam My districts with new methods. Doctor Hoang Nghia Dai, Director of Dau Giay General Hospital, said, cataract surgery by phaco method is a modern ophthalmic surgery with small incisions and no sutures, patients do not bleed, enjoy a fast recovery time after surgery, and can see things right in the first days after surgery. Dau Giay General Hospital is the first district hospital in the province to implement this technique.


In order to build trust for patients, many hospitals have also invested heavily in modern equipment and techniques, and changed their medical examination and treatment process to aim to simplify medical procedures. Doctor Nguyen Duc Phuoc, Director of Trang Bom General Hospital, said, the hospital now receives 800 to 1,000 patients a day. Therefore, the hospital has offered medical examination to health insurance card holders even on Saturday to reduce the load and solve the patients who need medical examination on their holidays. In recent years, the hospital has also purchased such new equipment as ultrasound machines, and machines to do immune tests and brain power tests.


Also, the hospital has implemented appendicostomy technique and it has received some techniques that are transferred from Thong Nhat General Hospital in Dong Nai province.


Duy Minh (An Nhien)


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