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The health sector needs to be socialized to improve healthcare services Update 22-06-2020 03:02
A lot of private hospitals have been established and put into operation to help reduce the health sector’s workload. Also, many public hospitals have been able to prepare more beds thanks to socialized capital sources. Thanks to socialized capital sources, local hospitals and health facilities are equipped with more modern equipment to help improve patients’ diagnosis and treatment.

Thanks to socialized capital sources, Dong Nai has had more modern treatment techniques


According to the report by the provincial Department of Health, after 2 years the health sector has achieved a lot of important results thanks to socialized capital sources. In 2015, Dong Nai General Hospital was inaugurated and put into use with 1,400 beds and 700 beds have been built with socialized capital sources. In 2016, the target of having patient beds socialized exceeded the total number of private hospital beds per 10,000 people. The health sector has put into use 7,736 in-patient beds, reaching 26 beds per 10,000 people. Particularly, private healthcare, Dong Nai Rubber Company Hospital and Zone B Dong Nai General Hospital has more than 1,300 beds, accounting for 18% of the total number of beds, reaching 4.6 beds per 10,000 people. The province has 3,121 private health facilities, including 5 private hospitals, 41 general clinics, 668 specialized clinics, 1 family doctor’s clinic, 102 traditional medicine clinics, 1 maternity clinics, medical eyeglasses facilities, humanitarian clinics, and Red Cross first aid points.


In the past 2 years, local public health facilities have socialized projects and constructions with a total amount of nearly VND20 billion, which is spent on the purchase of more modern machines of artificial kidney, ultrasound, digital X-ray, CT, and so on. The socialized projects in Dong Nai province will continue to enjoy preferential treatment according to decisions on the exemption of land use and lease fees for the socialized facilities in Dong Nai province.


In order to promote socialized activities at medical facilities, develop high-quality medical services and techniques for patients in the coming time, the health sector’s orientations will focus on such solutions as developing a joint venture model in health facilities to develop high quality medical services for patients; create favorable conditions for public health facilities to invest in material foundations and equipment with loans from credit institutions; promote the on-demand medical examination and treatment to diversify health care services.


In order to reduce the burden on public health facilities, Dong Nai’s health sector has actively developed private general clinics in inter-commune population clusters and strived to have at least 1 clinic per district by 2020; developed general clinics in industrial parks according to models, businesses, or investors in industrial parks that invest in clinics; strived for the target that by 2020 industrial parks will have their general clinics. In Bien Hoa city, priority is given to attracting investment in specialized and high-tech fields such as obstetrics, ear-nose-mouth, eyes, cancer, hematology, rehabilitation, and so on.


The health sector will also create favorable conditions to facilitate the development of non-public health networks; encourage organizations and individuals to invest in building private hospitals and general clinics, family doctor clinics and other types of medical services; and promote the development of general clinics in industrial parks.


Improving healthcare services


In line with the health sector’s plans, socialized activities have also aimed at the development of local pharmaceutical sector. In particular, it is necessary to focus on investing in projects in the field of planting and processing medicinal herbs, especially attracting projects into the areas planned for developing biotechnology, further attracting more projects into pharmaceutical industry, and making vaccines and medical biological products.


Duy Minh (An Nhien)

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