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Knowledge of the Sea and Islands to be Popularized among Workers in Industrial Parks Updated06-06-2014 03:55
Accordingly Department of Culture, Sports & Tourism will collaborate with Department of Local Culture under the Ministry of Culture, Sports & Tourism together with relevant departments and sectors to organize two performance nights for Vietnam’s sea and islands popularization in Bien Hoa II IZ on June 16 and in Trang Bom IZ on July 6. Along with performances, there will a book exhibition displaying books, photos, documents and artifacts with the theme of “Vietnam’s borders, sea and islands.”

As known, after this program, the Department of Culture, Sports & Tourism will foster sea and islands propaganda for workers in the industrial parks across the province, with significant planned activities such hosting exhibitions on borders, sea and islands; running propaganda cars, showing free movies in the industrial parks; and holding art performances for workers.

The program is aimed at increasing the propaganda about the East Sea development among workers, showing perspective of the Party and State in sea and island sovereignty as well as sacred national sovereignty over borders, sea and islands, says Nguyen Van Quyet, Deputy Director of the Department of Culture, Sports & Tourism

L.H (Lien Huong)

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